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2nd August 2006

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#1 14 years ago

I really hate those maps like guadalcanal, That carnage island map (I can't recall the name), and certain other maps that boast of complex networks of entrenched positions and heavy weapon emplacements. You know why? Cuz the bots simply don't use them. Certain maps lilke Tebruk actually have an Italian skinned Stuka! And yet the gameplay in COOP quickly becomes static WW1 in a hurry cuz no bot knows its there...And for the maps in which they DO use all these planes, guns, MGs and pillboxes, they just sit there! I know the AI in BF2 is a world betta than 1, but that's not all - I think the positions are such that the AI's first priority isn't to use them, and even if it were, they are so out of the way, that they just don't bother...And when they ACTAULLY do, they are now so out of way of the main battlefield, those bots simply get M.I.A. Guadalcanal for example, boasts of medium bombers, dive bombers, fighters, pillboxes and ATs, but besides the trickle of bots I sometimes get and one or 2 tanks, I can actually say the arcade gaualcanal get 1, FH gets 0 on that cuz about 70% of the fighting force stay in ther main base or get bogged down in transit. i think this is a combination of AI improvement, mapping and I dunno, a lil summin else. Who has had a map in which a bot flies overhead from start to finish in a stuka - And yet, never drops a bomb once! *Can the bots ACTAUALLY divebomb rather than simply fly around and randomly spill payload (i'd really love to hear the Stuka dive horn in other situations than when the bot is crashing to earth) And its not for bots sake only, think about it this way: COOP and SP represent a simple simulation and show the functionality of a map's organisation, teamwork-promotion and planning. So for both online AND COOP sake, please make a conscious effort in this departments...

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9th June 2005

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#2 14 years ago

I think the FH team will do the best they can to try and make co-op and single player an enjoyable experience (yet we must remember that the meat and potatoes of this game is the online aspect, although i am well aware that many people dont have very fast connectiongs, etc.) I recently played the pre-release beta of Dawn Patrol (WWI flyer mod) for BF2 and the one map they have for single player (modified Kubra Dam) is awesome, the dogfighting is superb for AI.