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5th October 2003

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#71 16 years ago

Basoonist would be cool.....but I doubt there were any on the battlefield....too bad for me...

I would very much ant a flag carrier though. You know, one flag carrier/bagpiper and only his kit could capture the flags....would be damn funny....

Conversation on Bulge: British soldier= Our bagpipes sound mighty fine, despite of the little fog... German KT commander = ALAAARm das is un bagpipe..... British soldier = Keep on playing mac, we cannot hear you German KT commander = Lets listen to the end...and then kill them all.... Bagpipe music ends....BAAAANG..... British soldier's ghost =Well wasn't that a heavenly tone aye.

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28th May 2003

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#72 16 years ago

I once came up with the same idea and it was dismissed as rediculous....but

That instrument does mock the enemy as long as it fact, while it plays it does nothing less then laugh at enemies, lets them know the side playing it is totally not impressed by the enemy at all.....

That is both a grave insult and something that can strike fear in the harts of enemies if they are winning, and think British morale is close to breaking. It lets the enemy know British are too stubborn to break up.

And the more false it sounds ( strangeling a cat ) the more confusion you sow in the enemy camp, as they too think it is a rediculous tradition and an awefull sound, and cannot possebly understand why someone is playing it in the middle of a battle.....

If that instrument would be ingame it would be a magnet to attacks on it's user, because playing it will in FH too be strongly felt as an insult by the enemy. Not healthy for the user, but it can obviously used to provoke the enemy to run into an ambush, or make them attack where they should not attack.....just because they want to silence it....a really powerfull tool, a weapon in itself.

It is a real life war tradition, also used by the British on several ocasions in WWII, therefore it is not a rediculous suggestion.

Imagine how you would feel fighting enemies that play such an awefull sounding instrument in chaos and hell of battle, in the middle of explosions and dust colums, machinegun fire bursts, dying and dead soldiers, blood and severed limbs all over the would make me feel very uncomfortable, as the enemy seems not impressed by it all, and seems to be inviting you to silence that bagpipe blower.....

btw :

I used bagpipe music as a means to defeat friends at a LAN party some time ago, when i attacked them from several directions at once in Settlers IV with a much smaller army then they worked perfect, they were both confused and insulted by it, did not react with a clear mind, did stupid hasty things and consequently lost the game ( that had been going on for 5 hours ! ) :lol:


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23rd May 2004

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#73 16 years ago

Not everyone thinks it's an awful sounding instrument.

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8th July 2002

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#74 16 years ago
GunsOfBrixton29Not everyone thinks it's an awful sounding instrument.

Here here! While the dev team probably can't be bothered too much to do it, it would probably be easier on them if someone else were to create the model and just give it to them, although I'm not well informed on the FH team's user-submitted content policy, so I may very well be off the kilter on this one.


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5th May 2004

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#75 16 years ago

If all else fails, they'd make a good melee weapon. *Laugh's at the thought of smashing Germans over the head with bagpipes*