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13th December 2004

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#1 12 years ago

Here's a suggestion that has probably been suggested before, but which the search engine comes up with no results (of course, it could be glitching; says I have to wait 4000 seconds to search again). What if there were a minimal amount of bodily movement inertia? Not too much, as it can be easily overdone. But a little would be ideal. For example, I shouldn't be able to spin all the way around in circles over and over again and stop to regain control immediately. Or if I turn around really, really quickly, I should have a little trouble stabilizing myself, and as such the process of stopping the movement of the gun should drag on a little. Inertia factors in with several tanks in FH1, would it be possible to enact a similar system with infantry, except toned down a lot (do not overdo it)? A benefit of doing so would further decrease the rifles from being the equivalents of laser guns like they were in FH1. Of course, ironsight weapon sway is being included in, so that's already an improvement, but another improvement I think would be inertia, albeit very, very minimal. Basically try to replicate the average soldier's ability to move and stop moving, or try to just enact a little bit of inertia for extreme cases.