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12th May 2008

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#21 12 years ago

So...Where in FH1 is "Elk Hunt" song again... I cant seem to remember at this exact moment... :uhm:


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27th July 2004

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#22 12 years ago

It's not and hasn't been for years. In the early releases of FH it was the loading screen music. But understandably wanting their own original score for FH the devs swapped it out for the current loading music, which is the FH Theme. It's not bad by any means and I like it in its own right, but I think for many of us, no song will ever stir emotions and be associated to FH like "Elk Hunt."


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18th November 2007

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#23 12 years ago

When you have been "forced" to listen that great music piece for 3-5 mins when loading maps you just cannot forget it, EVER. :p I remember when I saw The Last of the Mohicans and was like "w00t FH!" when Elk Hunt started playing in that scene where they are running through woods. Before that I had no idea it was from that film even though I had seen it many times before. :D


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10th June 2004

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#24 12 years ago
LordInvictus;4351576hi guyz howz dis on?//??/ YouTube - Battlefield 1942 Theme (loading music) It's actually quite a good theme. :D

Try this:

Battlefield theme by Schultz

(the DL button will pop up on the right side)