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1st May 2005

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#21 15 years ago

Well once again, I'd actually like to see maps where units themselves are objectives--i.e. you have x tanks, and once they're toast, that's it, good night.

That would pretty much increase the value of things like repair vehicles and activities/engineers. Teams would be more inclined to protect not just tanks, but the guys repairing / recovering them.



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12th November 2004

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#22 15 years ago
Hoped in BF2 we would find a way to repair such stuff, but instead we can't even break it anymore :/

This probably sounds pretty obvious but isn't there a way of having multiple parts that form a vehicle, but I guess that includes stuff like towing too..hmmm sad to see that got scrapped. I guess the main problem is that vehicles currently don't have much value loss > repair Loss seems to be more worth it than repair or salvage. If this aint fixed then anything else won't work. Possible solutions (as suggested): - long respawn times - once lost, gone for good - vehicles only spawn at main base These are all means of punishment and several with a large impact on game dynamics. Now if I've learned anything in my life yet I think it's the fact that you have to award people for doing something good, but not punishing them (much) when they do something bad. In short: make it worthwhile to do. Give them goals to achieve something. (And give them points for it, I'm a teamplayer myself, but if I end a game with a score of -2 because I accidentaly teamkilled someone but got no points because I was only towing stuff...) My suggestions: - give points to people for keeping a vehicle alive for a long time, say x points every x minutes. But not 1 point every minute or so, that would defeat the purpose of achieving the goal of "w00t another 5 points!" In the end the vehicle will hopefully prove more helpful to the team as a whole. - increase the stats of a vehicle, for example the armor and shell damage increase by very small amounts. Now I know this isn't very historical but if it can help teamplay/gameplay considerably why not ? - award towers/repairers points per vehicle they repair and depending on the importance of that vehicle (to that specific map) award them more points. - give a repaired/towed vehicle an advantage compared to a newly spawned one, maybe the coaxial Gun is missing when a vehicle spawns, but added when it get's towed/repaired. (bad example probably but I'm sure there's other 'bonus' stuff that can be added to vehicles) - visual indication of how long a vehicle has been 'in service', a sort of distinguishment, that way it might scare some nme's away (but might attract more too :p) Some (most of them) silly ideas, just to open up on the 'punish' behaviour that's still used too much IMHO (same in balancing). In the end I think it even helps in other departments; if you punish it means you'll need it, otherwise gameplay will suck. If you reward, it can give you an edge, but you can still play fine without (think in terms of when there's no toweing/repair team available).



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26th July 2004

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#23 15 years ago

Being a former beta tester of a mod that I shall not disclose, it is possible to have somewhat localized damage. Or atleast it was possible in the BF: V engine. I was watching a test video of the feature and when you shot at a certain part of the vehicle it would fall off and be gone. So if BF: V had the ability I think BF2 might have the ability. There are also some really amazing things that you can do with the bf1942 engine that no mod has ever done before. But unfortunately I cannot disclose them.


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29th April 2004

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#24 15 years ago

We already know that localized damage was possible in BF1942. Hartmann discussed this in an earlier post. Since BF:V is based on the BF1942 engine it's no suprise localized damage is possible there aswell. But BF2 uses a completely new engine in which localized damage apparently isn't possible according to Hartmann.

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9th December 2003

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#25 15 years ago
FrenkanI have trouble seeing anyone take the time to tow a vehicle which they or someone else just ditched in the water. Why bother? You'll get a new, shiny vehicle at the base soon enough anyway. Would be fun to see but I don't think it would be used enough to make it worthwile to develop.

Agreed, "single time" spawns would be the best, though some reinforcements would or might be needed (because it's historically accurate and not to screw the team when a few n00bs destroy all equipment in a foolish way). That way it would be very important to try to recover that lost vehicle! I myself have been playing with this idea for the map I'm making for FH2, I hope I can mdesign my map so it's fits in the game and doesn't end up screwing a side over due to n00btards. Else we could just settle with extra long respawn times of a few minutes...


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2nd March 2004

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#26 15 years ago

A good rule in game design is if it isn't worth it for the player to do, then they won't do it. At the frantic pace of tank spawns in FH (let alone BF2, shudder) and the manner they spawn (as replacements, not extra) towing sounds like a pipe dream in paractical play.

There are a few types of vehicle spawners:

1. Specific vehicle respawn. Vehicle spawns only when the previous vehicle from that spawn has died (plus x amount of seconds later). The spawn won't produce a vehicle until the original dies.

Pros: Tight control on the number of vehicles maxiumum on the field. Cons: Rewards ditching your vehicle, not worrying about it, because the act of abondoning it initiates a brand new one. Note: Only small fluctations on the battlefield presence of the vehicle, not a lot, and not a few.

2. Rate limited spawns. vehicle spawns every Y seconds.

Pros: Encourages keeping the vehicle alive as you can collect them. Con: Loose control on the number of a vehicle on the battlefield. Note: Larger fluctuations in number of vehicles on the battlefield. I believe there can be set a "max on battlefield at once" So a zero could spawn every 30 seconds on a carrier deck until there are 5 in the sky, then shut off until one of the 5 dies.

3. One-shot spawn. Spawn produces one or maybe more vehicles and shuts off for the rest of the map. Pros: Encourages safeholding of assests Cons: Can have unfair overruns at the end game. Might promote chicken play? Note: Nature of the battle changes wildly over the course of the battle.

4. Garage spawned vehicles. Require a player to enter a garage static and "fire off" a vehicle spawn. Pros: Can have 4 respawn rates (Initial, overheat limited, "vehicle ammo" resupply limited, out of vehicles). Gee whiz factor. Cons: Fussy, requires the static. More performance needed to run. Notes: Spawn static could be destroyable, repairable, prevents mainbase stealing, keeps the vehicles invulnerable until use

I've run across examples of 1 and 2 in BF1942 vanilla, haven't seen 3 yet (I guess BoB's factory?), and DCX and GIJoe mod had #4, although less sophisticated.