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#1 13 years ago

I noticed on the site that Canadian and British vehicles had American stars on them. Generally we painted those on upside-down as it sort of upset us having to plaster the Yank symbol on our stuff but here's and example of why we did it straight from the mouth of a 'Tommy' It took three days to organise the air strikes that were to be carried out by Lightning’s of the US Air Force. On the morning of the attack we formed up at the end of the range and awaited the air strike. When the aircraft arrived they circled overhead for a while and then to our consternation came in from the wrong end! Instead of coming in over our heads towards the butts they flew in from the butts firing cannon at us. It says much for the American pilot’s ability that they missed everyone except for a couple of mules. Fortunately the RAF wireless operator with us was able to call up the pilots and correct their mistake. Only to be told that they were now out of ammunition and would return later! Someone somewhere in the chain of command must have heard about this and ordered the RAF to do the job. This time Hurricanes came and did the job properly, destroying the Jap positions with bombs and cannon fire. Advancing over the open rifle range was to say the least a worrying time. That being said if you modified the skins it would add more authenticity to an already amazing mod. I know it's just being nit-picky but hey................