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26th October 1999

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#1 19 years ago

is it possible to share 1 IP with two computers?



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22nd October 1999

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#2 19 years ago

Yes. I recommend Sygate. It's explained here:

Essentially you install a second network card in the system with the internet connection and that's used to supply your second computer with Internet access. It works well, we share a single ADSL connection among 50+ computers at our LAN parties.

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23rd December 1999

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#3 19 years ago

Well, Windows 98 SE's Internet connection sharing is rather buggy....I have tried it, and its not good....froze my other puter after 5 mins of broswing the net for whatever reason. I WOULD reccomend the Linux IP Masquerading. I have set this up and used it with no problems at all. Let me know if ya wanna know how to set it up in Linux, but you have to setup Linux too....(Redhat is probably the best and easiest)