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28th December 2004

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#1 16 years ago

first of al i must sey i love the map crete, i think its 1 of the best maps in fh on this moment... but i still think a couple of thinks are missing.... i think the german airfield is to smal, i second runway couldt be a good option. i think the anti-tank and mg gunners souldt have the option to be paradropt? i also think ther most be a coulpe of high postiont open spots so the ju52 can me a landing?! crete_ju52s_maleme.jpg and most of all i think the ju52 must be able to drop a kettenkrad?! this vehicle is specialy desingt 4 falschirmjagers to be fast and mobile! it can be droped out of a ju52 or a other transport plane.... (just like the amo creates the 1ste 1 you drop could be a kettenkrad!)