Death Penalty -- Pickup Kits? -1 reply

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10th April 2004

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#31 13 years ago
FuzzyBunnyHi, it's come up very frequently that much of FH/FH2 will always be unrealistic because there is no penalty on dying. Well, there is--you have to wait a while, and maybe get back to the action. Thoughts?

This is a pretty concise way of handling multiple problems postulated in various threads. One thing to add - to end camping for kits, put a time limit on when you could pick one up. Else blub, owwhh, etc. Once you oick up a kit, that is it. TK for a kit should be a server kick. I absolutely love the concept of tankers tanking, pilots piloting, seamen seamaning, nine pipers piping, eight maids a milking....

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2nd May 2005

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#32 13 years ago
Werwolf1944Where's the fun when you spawn unequipped? That's not funny that's terrible!

The point was sort of that you could get a "basic" kit pretty much right where you spawn, or anywhere for that matter, but would have to "go somewhere" for anything more advanced--the armory for zooks, the repair depot for engineer kits, the tank spawny place for tanker kits, the airfield for pilot kits (like now), etc.

But as people have pointed out, having people spawn as basic infantryman (rifle, grenades, knife)--whatever. Same difference.