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2nd March 2004

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#31 12 years ago
sheikyerbouti;4399059Hitman already pointed out that it would be a simple matter to orient the supply point in such a fashion that baserape/ammospam would be prevented. A couple buildings or walls in the way should suffice.

That's why I thought that the old ammo/repair pad in uncapable mains would be fine since obviously that isn't a baserape issue since Team A should be pretty buffed when inside Team A's uncap.

I hate the idea of stuff at the main base because nobody wants to spend more time there. The idea is to coalesce the action, creating vibrancy in a limited setting.

I can totally agree here. Most outflags in FH2 represent some rather major historical positions that had a good chance to be a supply hub. All the uber services (vehicle repair pads, ammo trucks, recovery tanks, etc) would be properly situated at the main or select very major flags. On the other hand there needs to be some ammo/repair ability out in the field that is accessible in approximately 45 seconds or so. That's my input, have the powerful and potent support equipment at the main and have the minor support equipment accesible in about 45 seconds in the field.

Having several tanks or vehicles required to withdraw too far from the action at any given time would really slow things down and most certainly reduce the intensity of gameplay. Put it in this perspective: We have engineers with wrenches who can repair on the spot, so why is the ammunition so far removed from the action? Is it necessary to drive across an entire map just for some tank rounds?

It's good for balance to require a tank or plane or whatnot to withdraw from battle to some degree in order to refit/resupply. I totally see what you mean about the disparency between repair and ammo services on the front lines. I think supplies should be scarce and inconvient enough that running out of ammo is at least an issue that requies the player to disengage to satisfy that need, but possible enough that it can be accomplished under a reasonable time and effort.

Sometimes running a dug in tank, circling airplane, or well positioned static gun out of ammo or chipping away at its health is the only real way to defeat it. It would be a shame if the uber equipment became even more uber because they can easily receive a river of ammo/repair since it's too easy. I already feel this way about the stronger tanks. When a weak tank force goes against a strong tank force the strong tank force not only has the benefit of the additional armor but also the (unreal) boost of having free and quick repairs between engagements.

If the weak tank can't chip off armor/ respawn faster than the strong tank can wrench himself back up between shootings, the strong tank has effectively infinite armor, which is rather silly and not so fun.

Ideally the commander is present, and then would drop your request but we all know that doesn't happen much. So why not introduce an element that mimics that commander ability but does not require his presence.

I think the commander is a nifty force multiplier but I like the idea of the commander making resupply better/faster (compared to w/o commander) than him being the only way to do it. I think any method that doesn't require commander/team-work should be weaker than the commander/team methods of resupply.



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#32 12 years ago

Apo, spawnable kits like that, snipers included, can be invisible when they respawn, so just press G in the area and you should get the kit :P Also, according to the wiki the deployable mortar kit for the british is finally on Mareth, but I cant seem to find it :( Misinformation?


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6th November 2006

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#33 12 years ago

resupply kit is on the tobruk map with all the trenches, nicked it off the british as we capped all the second line.