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29th July 2004

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#21 14 years ago

Pretty sure the first map is from Panzer General 2, and the second map is WW2 Online.


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8th October 2004

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#22 14 years ago

DICE has given us 2 things:

- An engine to make mods for. - A bad example of one WW2 Shooter. BF 1942.

Thats all.

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27th April 2003

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#23 14 years ago

Personally I like some stock BF maps best, Wake for example, the redid version I rate higher than many of our maps. Or BotB, I enjoy it every single time. Or Gazala. I hated it at first, but nowadays in FH I love it. Sure, they are not really historically accurate, but they are fun as hell.



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1st November 2004

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#24 14 years ago

u got a point, there are still all fun maps! ya u guys got me there, even though their not realistic, they r still pretty good! but...instead of deleting them...can u guys make it so its costomized for FH like wake? here are a few things... Stalingrad-maybe make the beach with a bunch of junk, like rubble like in FH version, maybe make it a winter conversion like merciless creations! thats only if any1 else would like dat...it think its wicked cool Market Garden-maybe give the city a few more buildings, especially the side with the 6 IDENTICLE buildings, its like DICE got lazy and just put 6 buildings there...maybe make that side similar to the other side with a flag so people will play on that side! and put cement roads with sidewalks cuz..its arnhem! and fix that patch of grass near the smaller bridge, make it a park Battle of the Bulge-I still really think the town is empty...maybe put alot more buildings that cover the empty spots that go to the stone fence thing, and make it so you can go in the buildings, would be hell of a good fight there! maybe add more trees, especially by the axis base because the allies can just snipe them down from the wind mill and bombard them with the artillery, with the trees it blocks the view of the base... Midway-add another island like from my first post! a little more realistic and it doesnt interfere with the original island! and make so the US controls the islands cuz the Japanese peeps got raped by the US cuz they new they were going to Midway, maybe put some more US planes, few more japanese carriers, it will be like a real midway.. Bocage-make it like XWW2! maybe make the town larger! Omaha Beach-give it the charlie sector buildings, with those stairs and stuff! get rid of the huge hill that goes to the bunkers from the right of the beach, and keep the one to the left...maybe put those craters from airraids to the space after the bunkers, and maybe make a new route to the town! Ya...if you dont agree with this stuff that i think will make it more realistic and fun...its okay...but i think it would be kinda better...feel free to criticize, or even add! but i think this will make a great addition to FH, if u guys can do this...(maybe not do some, but do the rest)i can wait, im patient! at least till v.7 (thx for FH btw!) and a random thing-fix the sandbags! they look horrible, its like a concrete wall with sandbag skin