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28th September 2004

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#31 12 years ago
If you look at tanking as a whole in the game it is not entirely realistic, so ading these lil features Only on the basis of realism is a scam.

As I wrote earlier in the thread, no one's trying to make the game 100% realistic. If the developers advertised that this game'd be 100% realistic with every single feature implemented, then yes, if you were in the mood for excaggeration you could call it a "scam".

the fh devs added this because they got sick of getting pwned in their own base by someone who was clever enough to steal a tank.

That's one reason: Getting killed by your own tank in your own base without getting a fighting chance is no fun, so we're cutting tank-stealing.

If the game wanted to be totally realistic it would suck ass.

Strawman argument. No one wants it to be 100% realistic.

Once you start digging too deep in the realism plate youll find out that this game will be less about fun

That's not exactly rocket physics. Some features make the game less enjoyable, some make it more enjoyable. I could just as much say "oh, wii n33d realism, 'cause if joo make 4 game 2 simplistic its not teh fun anym00re".

Your problem is that you're not saying why you dislike this particular feature. I don't care how some realistic features should not be added, I care about why this one shouldn't be added. How about answering that instead of insulting and generalizing?

and more about pleasing the forum nazis who cant get 100-0 score in their tiger because "some noob stole it!"

Here's a challenge for you to get you off of that high horse: Link to a "forum nazi" posting something to that nature on this forum. Prove that you're not just dragging unfounded accusations out of your butt [hears {9thInf}QbanRev*E* go "oh s**t"].

We're waiting:smokin:.


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4th September 2004

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#32 12 years ago

I love it when the "Stfu noob" argument gets thrown around. :)

Fact is, tank stealing ruins the balance and thus ruins the gameplay, which is why it should be removed, realism concerns are secondairy. ;)

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17th July 2006

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#33 12 years ago

I'm confused by the 1st post. Have you ever used the map editor? You can disallow any vehicle to the enemy. After choosing a vehicle which you'd want to have spawned, you'd go into its options and put a " 1 " where it said " Team on Vehicle. " Easiest thing in the world, you should try. That being said, I think this post was pretty useless.


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10th July 2006

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#34 12 years ago

How about making the keys backwards when you jump in an enemy tank? W is reverse, WA turns right, S is foreward. Pushing your mouse up makes the gun depress, pushing the mouse left turns turret to the right, the right mouse button fires the main gun, Ect, Ect. It would make stealing a tank a less than desirable option but it in a pinch you could still jump in one & deffend yourself if it was the only thing around. If That cant be done then lock em. To many peeps ruin the gameplay (notice I said 'gameplay' NOT 'realism') by stealing the Ubertanks or better yet some Nubblet bails the KT rather than being a man & dieing in it. Just a thought.:naughty:


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2nd August 2006

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#35 12 years ago

I agree with this somewhat. I think it'd be cool if in a few maps, some particular enemy vehicle that is otherwise locked in most maps can be used by the enemy though with absolute difficulty (I don't know how possible it is to reverse te keys for a single vehicle but that helps the challenge). The idea here is to create a 'goodie-vehicle' such as a king Tiger that can tip the balalce if a small squad of allied commandoes dares to venture in an uncapturable enemy base to steal their tank. That said, as much as a vehicle is a vehicle, seeing anyone ride anything takes away the feel of allies vs axis (not neccesarily realism) and gives you multiplayer muck. Having an enemy tank in a base you just captured and not be able to drive it isn't bad ether - You'd need to blow it up and put it out of commision with some explosives. These I think would give the game some dynamism. With the name system appearing only at close range, those commnadoes in the king Tiger would have to be careful as not to be attacked by allied airplanes or allied AT guns. I think the '3rd way' is better than the 'Totally NO' or 'Totally YES' and maybe, the 'Cease Fire' would come in handy in such cases. I think even some small arms or weapons should be locked to the other side... i dunno if allies ever used the nubelWeffer for example.

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23rd November 2005

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#36 12 years ago

I'm not sure if I overread it and somebody already suggested this, but wouldn't a "steal enemy vehicle delay" be more appropriate then a magic lock? I used to play quite a bit of cod:uo ( plz don't flame me because it isn't realistic, it's a great game with fun balanced mp ) and you could take enemy tanks but it took a while. Say as axis you hopped into an enemy sherman, you'd see a sort of progress bar indicating you trying to get the thing to work. Took about 8-10 seconds I think, accompanied with a sort of engine not starting sound that enemy players could clearly hear. It solved this issue for a great deal, if you were in a friendly base and you saw somebody trying to steal that sherman from your base you could have the time to satchel/bazooka him forcing him to get out before he could attack you. A system similar to this, if it's possible at least, would benefit I think. For instance heavier tanks like a tiger would take alot longer to steal, but it would still be possible if you were really lucky and you didn't run into enemy infantry. Which is unlikely if that tiger is parked at a main with players clearly hearing the stealing sound :)

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2nd May 2005

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#37 12 years ago

Being able to "hop into" an abandoned tank is silly.

-You assume that it was left in working order (hardly, and don't say "wrench".) -You assume that you have trained tankers who just happen to be there. -You assume your trained tankers have a clue on how to use the thing. -You assume that after a moment of familiarization, your trained tankers operate at 100% efficiency with it.

I'd prefer if you could just tow abandoned enemy vehicles off the field and dump them somewhere, denying their respawn to the enemy.


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5th December 2004

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#38 12 years ago

on some maps already, mappers have supplied captured, reskinned tanks for the enemy to use. and thats how captured complex equipment should be dealt with, imo. for balance, gameplay, and realism. i agree lesser vehicles should be unlocked, jeeps trucks etc. as for empty enemy tanks in captured bases, blow them up. if you cant, oh well tough luck :P



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13th May 2003

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#39 12 years ago

My name is Joe, and I approve this idea.

The less complicated vehicles (Jeeps, Trucks..) should be left unlocked, like many have agreed to. The more complicated ones should be locked. Logic tells me, not every Tanker in the British, American or Soviet forces knew German like the back of their hands, and therefore could not just pick up the manual for the controls of a tiger in about 5 seconds and drive off to save the world. And don't get me started on Japanese..

It would also, as stated in some of the previous posts, make the game more real and more fun. You wouldn't have to look at the map when ever you see a friendly tank. If you recognice a friendly tank, you know it's Friendly. Unless it's been captured and reskinned, as RBS mentioned.

Empty enemy tanks in capturable base/point? Well it would create more strategic objectives for the team. Now the Sapper/AT comes in a good use to disable/destroy the tanks befor the enemy can use them. Infact that could be the first thing for a squad to do when they assault a flag/base/point. To disable/destroy any empty tanks in the area, befor clearing the area of any enemy, and prevent them from spawning by greying out and capturing the flag/base/point.

The enemy wouldn't sneak into your base to steal your aircrafts or tanks, but instead to destroy them. And I'd prefer to have my planes and tanks wrecked then in the hands of the enemy..

So yeah.. JoeJoe agrees to the idea and nods his head like the good gorrila he is.