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28th August 2006

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#71 10 years ago

I use to love the planes in FH, I can't fly the ones in FH2 because of BF2's horrible physics, but from past experience your best bet in an airplane is to fly with 100 percent view distance on, and as high as you possibly can, then wait till your over your target, and dive down just low enough to be able to survey the area, scanning quickly for a target airplane or ground target. If you don't spot anything at the moment, fly back up to altitude, and try it again.

When you spot a target like an airplane try to cut your guns in front of it, putting a few well aimed bursts across its flight path and do some damage, following is not crucial, you don't have to bring it down with the first volley, in-fact if your lucky he'll just return to base for repairs and you'll have air superiority.

If you are engaging a ground target, like an anti aircraft gun I find it best to stay as far from the target as possible, releasing your strafing run at the highest possible altitude and fastest speed possible, to allow yourself to pull up in an instant, especially if your dropping bombs, don't fly like you are in a B-17 getting ready to carpet bomb, you have 1 maybe 2 shots, dive on them, and at a very steep angle so he can't traverse high enough, drop the bomb from the highest possible altitude that you can get, and then quickly pull up back to cloud cover.

Its how I do things, and It works well for me, bofors don't bother me at all.


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#72 10 years ago

I got blown up by in a stuka with a single bofors shot. :(

But you can't downpower that, I don't think a Stuka would really stand against a direct hit from the bofors.


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23rd December 2005

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#73 10 years ago
jumjum;4705161we'll have another situation of absolute air supremacy being provided by only one or two super-accurate, super-stable, super-controllable planes which have no natural predator.

You've played Alpenfestung against me under another name, haven't you =p