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#1 10 years ago

Hi there!.

Yesterday, when i was playing COH and i see a few "Knight Cross" whit an SS Skin, running into Tommies positions, chargin against everything... i made this idea..

The idea is simple, One Skin, One Kit..

i have to say, we have the Panzerfaust and the STG44, and the Volksgrenadiers and Volksturm on WW2 has tons of those weapons, so, why not making a "Officer Kit" for some special maps, called "Fanatical", whit an SS Uniform,, (I dont think if the SS Uniform is welcome this days...) and a (Whats that thing wich was on the arm wich carry a Swastica?? used by generals / volksturm), but wait, i dont wanna see the Swastia, its not allowed, but the german cross, its ok..

The Equipment:

Now, whit the release of the MP44 and the Panzerfuast, the "Fanaticals" will carry the next weapons.

Knife Walter P38 MP44 (In some early maps, and later desert maps, a G43 or a MP40.. btw, did the G43 saw action on North Africa)

3 Stick Grenades Late Maps: 2 Panzerfaust 30/100

Well, resume..

Fanaticals defender will have an uniform like the SS uniform, player model, they will be Young Man, and later maps, (From the Bulge to Berlin) Old man mixed whit Young (Not 13 years old boys, 18 years old will be OK.. just sad to kill a kid..) Maybe SL kit (Officer) or a very very limited kit, only 4 or 5 available per map, 1 per squad.. Armament will be like the Volsturm one..

Well, i hoe you like it and comment.


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29th April 2006

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#2 10 years ago

if this adds more environment and is allowed by law it might be a good idea... well, it's a bit dull to see everyone identical.



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13th May 2003

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#3 10 years ago


I'd say your dipping your toes in a pool of flames.

First of all, I'd say the SS would be out of the question. They don't bug me personaly, but they do bug alot of people, and for reasonable reasons (reasonable enough to not make suggestions to have it ingame..)

Secondly, that ├╝bertrooper, carrying STG44 and a panzerfaust, sounds like the Rambo class from BF: Vietnam, carrying the M60 and the Law Launcher.. Infantry, tank, it doesn't matter, that rambo class could handle it. And seeing that in FH2 would make me cry, even if it's just for squad leaders, or as limited as that.

And to the third. I'd rather have the devs work on the rest of FH2, than having them spend time to model a special player model for such a limited class, that isn't really needed.

Fourth, I doubt the G43 saw much action in North Africa, and if it did, it isn't enough to justify it's appearance there (It was hard enough to convince the devs that the SMLE was used in the Second World War, let alone throughout the North African theater!) I belive most of those rifles were sent to the eastern front, and the western.

Now, I don't want to destroy your idea. As a wannabe game designer (Toddel, hush!) I love the idea of somekind of a "hero" unit. Would be fun, as Allies, to pickup and play the Duke Kit through a whole round, armed with two Thompsons, 15 grenades and a melee weapon of a huge cigar.. And make him generate an aura of manlyness, 5 meter radius around himself. (Flippy.. you know you'd like that.. huh.. :deal:) Jerries could have James Coburn's "Rolf Steiner" from "The Cross of Iron"

But for Forgotten Hope? no.. It just, doesn't fit doesn't work. At best, at the very very best, we could see an Indiana Jones pickup kit, hidden in that huge valley in Alam Halfa..



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#4 10 years ago

The G43 wasn┬┤t used in africa but the g41 was.


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#5 10 years ago

The G43 was first used in October of 1943 and Africa was over in May, so yeah...

As for the Waffen-SS, I'm not going to exclude them for FH2. However, if added, they will just be a different playermodel and certainly no 'elite force' or anything like that.

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#6 10 years ago

Agreed, plus, as a historical note, only the Allegemeine and the party wore the stupid swazi armband. Any wehrmacht soldier would probably spit on it if he had the chance....

Waffen-SS were soldiers like any others, and in fact, contrary to popular belief, most of the divisions were incredibly poor quality. Only the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 17th were really of any quality, the rest (went to about 30 I believe) were pretty damn crappy. Even those that rank up there often committed suicidal banzai charges and almost inevitably failed in offensive action. Hell, one great fact is that there was never an SS run action that won the battle, any battles that the SS units were in that were won by the germans were commanded by the Wehrmacht....

Ok, enough of a rant against the SS, but they should be in there, but shown properly, ie, full camo smocks, pants, and helmet covers, and otherwise normal troops, not the "SS-super-nazi-from-the-Berghof" that is always shown in games....


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#7 10 years ago

Interesting about the SS are the foreign weapons they used, especially in early war: MG26(t), MP34, MP35. some of these were manufactured just for the SS later in the war.


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#8 10 years ago

I agree with Mudra on the camo suits SS weared. Those just look so awesome :lol:

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#9 10 years ago

I've given the idea some thought and reached this conclusion: Since Forgotten Hope focuses on conquest play, it won't work to create this class in standard type maps. "personalities" don't apply to conquest play. Players don't choose characters in FH2, they choose weapons. However, in an objective type map, the class could be implemented if it is given connection to the actual objectives, for example if the "special" class has explosives, and the objective is to blow up something. Or are engineers that can repair, destroy or remove something etc... My own experience is that in Battlefield games and mods, this is extremely hard to configure right, close to impossible... not many maps at all have worked out well using this kind of thinking.. the ones I can think of straight up are Scholetsnogorsk (FH1), Operation Flaming Dart (BFV), Op. Hyacinth (FH2) plus some airmaps (coral sea, BoB etc). Probably the best way to make a map like this is some sort of pushmode with objectives that need to be destroyed in a certain order...

"Classes" that have "agendas" or "personalities" need some mission to give them meaning in the game, other than that they aren't needed in FH2. (i.e. if they are just different weapons) No one wants to create models, skins, kits, icons etc just because its cool, it needs a purpose in the game.


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#10 10 years ago

waffen ss are not soldier, they are policemen with special ability. They have been created to keep the 3rd reich "peacefully" by crushing any beginning of revolt. Their official statut is stadpolizeitruppen (i hope i correctly spell it), a level over the normal police man but a level under a soldier.

And normandy has proved that the tougher ennemy was the wehrmacht who fought feriously against the allies (if you extract the non-german element). The ss division run away very quickly or were never really engaged in the battle contrary to the wehrmacht.