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24th September 2004

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#121 13 years ago
Natty Wallo;4261724an invisible force-field that kills you - why? - because players are too lazy to defend the area..

When this attitude prevails it causes servers to deal with the reality it creates (namely lots of unhappy players) by creating more rules and having admins constantly tending to problems.

I've never heard of anyone who likes being spawn killed over and over. If the problem is not addressed in game development, then further ignored by the mapper, it falls to the servers and the community at large to create rules and policies. Other wise the gaming is experience is = bad.

That is nein good.



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2nd August 2006

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#122 13 years ago

I agree with what Lobo said, it would be useful on future maps, but not for the desert yet. Small urban maps in Europe could really call for it, even if its just for a house or two :P


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27th April 2003

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#123 13 years ago

well dago, I understand your pain as server moderator but imo people complains too easy, I have never seen an ugly basecamping issue in FH2, but in Hyacinth, that's the reason I killed that "fun" for next patch

@ Not So Civil Engineer, I disagree with you about the "feel" of the BF2 puppet, I was used to the Mohaa and RTCW player models and the BF42 was a big disspointing for me, now I can't stand the FH1 player, the FH2 one is so much sophisiticated.

@ aserafimov, the 2D-3D system is the best by far, looks more like the real thing, and we have added a custom shader to improve it for next version, nothing like the XWW2 thing, it was pure 2D, and the BGF system, pure 3D needs models/skins done in a very special resolution, ala CoD


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#124 13 years ago

Stray03;4261668Never had that problem either. But then again the scope gives me a much greater advantage than those with out.

I also now sort of agree with those saying that that map Is the easiest map for sniping it rates up there with Bardia. Was using it as a practice map the other day for distance shooting.

I like this map for sniping as well, I got pretty good at killing all the hundreds and hundreds of basecampers who hide in the bushes and cant be seen but kill us after we spawn once I found a good spot to hide from THEM. Needless to say the map went nowhere and people left.

I think for the sake of gameplay, that the battles should be in the village, not the mountain, and that the Brits should not be able to get into the mountains.

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10th January 2006

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#125 13 years ago
Earwigger;4263475I think for the sake of gameplay, that the battles should be in the village, not the mountain, and that the Brits should not be able to get into the mountains.

Exactly... You want to talk realism? In real life, you don't have guys teleporting into predetermined points, that have been mapped out, and are being camped by a 15 year old kid with to much time on his hands. You say the German's should defend their spawn points? Well, maybe we should find a way to integrate fear and pain into the game, so that we don't have fearless people ramboing around, because they don't care about dying since they can just magic teleport back on their squad leader. Maybe, they should make it so that you only get one life a round, so that when you die, you have to wait for the round to end, that would sure take care of spawn killing. THIS is a game... don't kill all aspects of fun gameplay for the sake of realism, because some of us are here to have fun. If you want the maximum amount of realism, we have several rather graphic wars going on right now, and I'm sure your nation's military would love to have you join... You don't get lag in real life.