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#21 11 years ago

Nope, the one in FH1 was just the American tripod.... The Lafette has been modeled, saw it awhile back, but its not in game yet. The ratcheting mechanism was used for indirect sweeping fire, to effect area denial For direct fire, it was firing like any other tripod. There was also a mechanism that caused the gun to rise a few inches with every shot, then on the 5th shot pop back down to original position. That was was different from the side to side ratchet mechanism, and was more commonly used. This allowed slight spread, and for the gunner to sweep up and down as he moved the gun side to side. All recoil was absorbed by the tripod, which had a similar recoil system to artillery. Also, the legs could be folded out in a myriad of ways, so that it could be used prone, standing in a trench, kneeling, or even cross-legged. To fire, the gunner pulls back on a hand pedal kinda thing, that pulls back a lever on the trigger, firing it. Early tripods also included a switch to go from the single shot to the full auto for the MG34.