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#1 15 years ago

im thinking that they should make a map of foy and bastonge but not one called battle of the bulge i think bastonge should be a forest with the trees in start lines like they were alson the amercains should have a a line of trees with 30cal and dug in foxholes americans have no tanks ardy and little ammo the germans should get hafe tracks tanks ardy mg42 mg34 and a i think that would be cool on the other hand the foy map the americans get tanks and they should have to assault a town with mg and ardy and tanks to like it was very open field and clear view from forest to town with hay stacks in the middle maybe a small shead i would love if that could be done


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#2 15 years ago

Someone has been late for FH 0.6 ;]


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#3 15 years ago

play game first - then make suggestions.

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