Gameplay features I'm missing really bad in FH -1 reply

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25th September 2003

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#31 14 years ago

Hm, dunno about that, but at least the RPGs cut it like butter, and not only it, but kill the Panzer too after just few hits.

And I agree with the tank positions. They wouldn't work in FH, at least in public games, let's save that for the simulators.


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7th March 2005

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#32 14 years ago

I like the way tanks are handled in Red orchestra: -driver has really limited visibility, or if he opens the hatch he is vulnerable to fire -main gunner can slowly see arount the tank -MG-gunner has limited range for firing but is safe from fire unlike in BF. Yes it is challenging but IMO not too difficult even for public servers. Tank/infantry ratio, probably after BF 2 we will bigger servers with more infantry. Or why not reduce number of tanks? Communication, again after BF 2 there will be squad VOIP, natural modification is tank squad. And if some1 really n00b does not have microphone and, hmm. seems to need more practise, then coupple (rough) words in chat window should do the trick i.e. mak e him not to spawn next as a tank crew. violent-smiley-090.gif


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1st September 2004

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#33 14 years ago

Just read the original post, and I too agree with everything written there. About class limits, I really dont see there is a problem with implementing that. So what, if a so called "noob" has the mg and its badly needed somewhere else, there are "classlimits" on the panzers too, and many a time has a game been lost because the wrong guy was in the tiger, IMO it would instead force people to actually play the part in the team they're supposed to. The alternative is what we have now, where 90% of the team are playing the same 2 classes. If someone has a weapon thats needed somewhere on the map, well...communicate !


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16th September 2002

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#34 14 years ago

I'm not really worried about noobs getting this or that weapon/vehicle due to class limits or noobs camping for kits, or any of the other behavioral issues cited as reasons not to implement class limits.

Basically my view is this. Infantry combat in FH HAS to change if the mod is going to continue to be realistic. Realism in infantry combat has been on a steady decline since 0.61. This is due to the significant power and usefulness of LMGs and SMGs as opposed to rifles. Because LMGs and SMGs are not situational weapons and have become all-purpose weapons, and because they are available in unlimited quantities most of the time (I'm not talking about MMGs or HMGs which require deployment, mind you), people whore them. They whore them because they can, and they whore them because these weapons are the easiest weapons to use to kill someone. A rifle is essentially outclassed when facing either of these weapons, and people pick rifle-using kits usually because of something OTHER than the rifle itself (IE: a faust or a satchel).

That's a problem and it makes infantry combat unrealistic. For me, infantry combat is no longer fun except on larger maps with high visibility and low cover, largely because if you have any other combination, people will simply rambo around with SMGs or LMGs.

So, you can look at the two ways to solve this problem.

Method 1 is class limits. People don't like it, I think largely because they worry that THEY won't be able to get the weapon they want and this would make the game less fun for them, realism be damned.

Method 2 is scaling the weapons and adjusting their performance significantly. This would involve moving closer to 0.5's weapon performance, although not an exact replica. LMGs and SMGs would be horribly inaccurate when on the move. LMGs would basically require deployment (unless they're automatic rifles like the BAR, in which case, you'd still have to balance them somehow to avoid whoring) to use effectively and shooting from the hip would be pretty much worthless. SMGs would require a SERIOUS range reduction and/or some increased inaccuracy. Rifles could be left along or made truly 1S1K weapons (as opposed to "Oh noes! I hit the kevlar-coated arm!").

People seem REALLY against changing weapon performance and it'd probably involve a lot more effort than simply instituting a class limit system involving the "armory" idea posted on the forums.

But something's gotta change in terms of infantry combat, or we'll basically end up with vanilla + new toys as far as infantry combat goes. Sure, a bolt action rifle can chamber a round faster in FH than in BF, but that doesn't stop people from pretty much playing using the same rambo tactics we saw in vanilla -- grab your automatic weapon of choice and run around spraying ammo.