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8th July 2004

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#1 14 years ago

What is there to really say about the original Berlin map? It can be fun but it could be so much better. You can't even use a quarter of the buildings on the map. Using models from the new Berlin you could work on more ruined city maps like Stalingrad etc. In the new Ramelle Neuville map, the city looks 10 times better than that of Berlin. The piles of rubble and half demolished buildings make it a better close quarters map than Berlin by far. You could possibly use models from that to enhance Berlin. Secondly, I think Berlin should probably take up a large map completely. Berlin was a pretty damn big city and doing that would just add to the intensiveness of it. If Fh could do something like this, it would prove to every mod that large city environments can work. I'm going to let you use your minds on this one, but I'll post a few pictures even though you could easily find them yourself. The only downside is you cannot really include the Reichstag. Actually, you could make that the final objective for the Russians to take but do not include symbols of Nazism. When the Russians capture it the flag could be set just like it was when it was hoisted index.jpgberlin1945-6.jpgwilhelmstr3b.jpgBerlin_april_1945-B.jpg

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18th March 2005

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#2 14 years ago

[color=black]I would like to see an additional Berlin map. I like what FH has done with the old Dice map. and I think you hit it on the head make more of the buildings accessible.[/color]

[color=black] I like what you said about a large city map (although I'm sure the lag would be through the roof) and Berlin would be the perfect choice. Something that involved the Reichstag as the center of focus would be outstanding.[/color]


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26th April 2004

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#3 14 years ago

Yes, DICE's vanilla Berlin has only DICE's ugly statics with even uglier ground and right, it doesn't look like Berlin 1945.. And Berlin could be very interesting map. FH doesn't have very good city fighting what I miss, Arnhem is good, but Berlin could be darker and of course more destroyed, But I guess they'll need to make a lot new statics..


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#4 14 years ago

The Poll: 13 Yes, 0 No lol. I would love to see a new Berlin map, make it similar to Call of Duty: United Offensive's Berlin.


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27th May 2004

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#5 14 years ago

i like to live dangerously [color=PaleTurquoise]([/color][color=PaleTurquoise]i voted no[/color][color=PaleTurquoise])[/color] why is there a poll? we always want new crap ALWAYS WANT NEW CRAP

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22nd December 2003

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#6 14 years ago

i would love a new berlin map, like the CoD:UO one, that was good that


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28th September 2004

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#7 14 years ago

18-1? Was that poll editedconfused1.gif?!

Call of Duty's Berlin

It has come to my attention that Call of Duty is a most inaccurate game, and after watching some photos of the area around the Reichstag, I have to agree. As for the UO Berlin, I don't know, I haven't gotten that far in UO yetroll%20eyes%20%28sarcastic%29.gif. But the bottom line is that they should make it historically accurate. In my opinion ("├╝berw00txx0r" (roll%20eyes%20%28sarcastic%29.gif), I get to pimp this idea again!), they should have the Reichstag in there: Have the last German base be the Reichstag, with the flag atop that one spire like in reality. I think it'd be neat if it was a push map and the Germans bled all their tickets in a matter of only about ten seconds once the Soviets planted the USSR banner atop the Reichstag. That'd be awesome, asks you me. I actually find Berlin-1945 a fun map, and certainly a lot more so that the Vanilla version (the Jagdpanter is such a great addition, and I love the extra streets! I even love the fact that you get to cross the river now!). But yes, I think a re-make would've been the best, knowing the FH team. I liked the old, tiny Foy better than the new Foy, but I guess that's just an exceptionsmilie.gif.

The only downside is you cannot really include the Reichstag.

I'm pretty sure you can. The Reichstag still stands today, unless I'm too mistaken, and is certainly not banned. I fear there'd be a lot of work of modelling it, though, and I'm not sure if the developers want to make that so close to BF 2's release if they're really going to port FH (which I, to be honest, actually hope they do not). But no, you couldn't add swastika banners inside it (but bah, who actually wants swastika banners that you can't shoot to shreds anywaysroll%20eyes%20%28sarcastic%29.gif?).

Secondly, I think Berlin should probably take up a large map completely. Berlin was a pretty damn big city and doing that would just add to the intensiveness of it. If Fh could do something like this, it would prove to every mod that large city environments can work.

I disagree. Berlin should be a map with mostly infantry, and as much as I love infantry combat, I don't like walking long distances over and over too much. I can manage, but it eventually gets dull.

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25th September 2004

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#8 14 years ago

Should be like that Berlin Streets fan map, that was a great one. Tank street combat, immobile KT, Pak 40s, pzfaust kits, dead bodys, etc.... ONly thing it was missing was the Panther turret bunker.


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20th February 2004

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#9 14 years ago

Well, here was my idea from the old "Berlin Flak Towers" thread.

I was thinking about some more things that would be nice in a Berlin Reichstag map. This site ( has some nice aerial photos of the current Reichstag, as well as a map of the final days of fighting. I guess that for the sake of gameplay, the CoD level designers totally left out the river around it, and made the area a lot more urban than it is.

For an FH map, the Russians ought to start on the other side of the river, maybe backed up into the city area so that the Germans defending the bridge can't immediately fire on them. The Germans will have six capturable bases. Their first starts at the bridge, and then three more could be spread out between the bridge and the front lawn. This could vary depending on how large the map ends up. If it is exactly what is on that battle map, it would be a very compressed and intensive fight, but it might be better to stretch it out into a bit of the city beyond. One more flag is placed on the front lawn itself, and then a final flag on the Reichstag roof. This should definitely be a push map, and capture of the roof should be conditioned on capture of the lawn, while the lawn should be captured only after all of the other flags around the grounds are capped.

If somebody was willing to model a modestly detailed Reichstag, that would be the real centerpiece of this map. There should be at least a few areas where soldiers could snipe out the windows, as well as lots of corridors for close quarters combat. Obviously the whole thing could never be modeled in a BF1942 map, but like CoD, you could have a decent amount of fighting area, while closing the rest off with conveniently collapsed corridors.

For a real sense of a final defense and massive desperation, it might be interesting if in addition to the push mode, you made the flags so they could NOT be recaptured once they fall to the Russians. The Germans would be forced to fall back and reinforce what little they have left, rather than make feeble attempts to counterattack in the face of the juggernaut. Maybe they could retake the front lawn, but that's about it.

As for loadouts, I personally think it would be better to give the Germans no mobile armor, instead focusing on fixed AT guns and maybe the dug-in turrets I mentioned earlier. The Russians should get many tanks though, as they will be bottlenecked in certain places, and it will require a lot of armor and coordination to break through the defensive lines. It might also be better if there's no real artillery beyond mortars. (I'm assuming that Pak40s can't really be used in an effective indirect fire role.) Instead of having spawning AT classes, the Germans can have faust crates all over the map, even in places away from spawn points.

As a nice touch, maybe the Russians could have a pickup kit with just a flag. The flag bearer has only his flag and maybe a knife and/or pistol. With the flag, primary fire waves it, and secondary fire does a "Go Go Go!" shout, much like the katana. That is, unless you want to make secondary fire a spearing motion with which you could impale people on the flagpole. :D

If you wanted to make the Reichstag even more of a focus, maybe you could limit the flags out on the grounds, and instead make each floor have its own flag, although that might get confusing on the minimap. Overall, the map should start out as a massive armored defense, and once the front lawn falls, except for maybe a few Russian tankers sticking around to make sure the Germans don't retake it, it should become a massive infantry melee inside the building.


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3rd June 2004

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#10 14 years ago
The Reichstag still stands today, unless I'm too mistaken, and is certainly not banned.

I think he's talking about whether it's possible engine-wise - BF1942 supposedly isn't possible to support large buildings. Now, you may say, "Look at the new Pavlov's House static", but the Reichstag is HUGE. Even if it weren't done to scale, it should at least look big. Back on topic, DICE Berlin just sucks. If you let a Russian WWII veteran play the Berlin map and ask him if he can tell what city it is, I bet he wouldn't be able to identify it. A new Berlin should have: 1. Recognizable and historical landmarks 2. More stuff in German, whether it be propaganda posters or store names, etc 3. German flags hung up here and there (this is the capital of Germany for crying out loud) 4. Paved Streets and sidewalks 5. Grey sky, not some funky red/blue one 6. Propaganda over loudspeaker, it can either be Soviet or German (I'm sure there must be recordings of German or Soviet propaganda somewhere) - this would add good ambience. Anyone remember playing Hue in BFV? Whatever happened to the Berlin Streets map Kingrudolf was making? It looked rather promising, in my opinion. Anyways, if you say Call of Duty's Berlin is not accurate, then DICE Berlin is nowhere near accurate. I hope a new one, and a good one, is introduced.