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#11 15 years ago
Originally posted by Lt. Comm Breslin Well before you do, I would check that Microsoft know your re-installing and not attempting to make a copy of Windows XP, on account of Activation. (What a pain!)


My 1st encounter with XP on my old PC was a nightmare!!

I'd bought it as an upgrade from 98se and each time it would work fine for about 1-2 weeks then it would put up an error screen FULL of error details for about 0.3 seconds then start the boot up sequence again and I'd be stuck in that loop until I reinstalled XP again!

Reason I've mentioned this is because, at the time you got about 5 activations before Microsoft got suspicious and then you'd have to set up a new product ID, which can either be done on a toll free number, although takes ages and didn't always work, or you can ring microsoft and explain the situation, in both cases getting it sorted out was never a problem.

I should add that I'd registered my copy with them, so before you start reinstall you should do the same.

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