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6th December 2004

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#31 13 years ago

Bunny hop to many times and you should trip on your face and get stunned for 10 seconds. Try dogding enfields then...


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5th December 2004

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#32 13 years ago

jumping+stamina bar=good 10ft high jumping/bunny hopping=bad "climb function" where possible=good super slow stamina recovery=bad I dont like it when you cant jump or run at all, when stamina is drained. You should do mini jumps and (slightly faster than walking) jog when tired.


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23rd April 2004

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#33 13 years ago
snotvod;3307098IRL, when you are tired of running, you don't have to completely stop moving to regain the ability to run. If you just walk at a normal pace, you regenerate allmost as fast as standing still.

hehehe, snotvod, this is crazy talk. I have never regenerated stamina in my life, I have no idea what you are talking about. I'd have to add that I dont think I have ever regenerated anything, and If I did, I never called it "regenerate" heheh. and I would do something different with the stamina bar altogether. Give your guys as much sprint as they want, only after a while, you get slower and slower, until you get all dizzy and pass out. That would be great! Then you could just lie there for a while, calling MEDIC!



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2nd January 2005

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#34 13 years ago
charlesbian;3289839well, my friend is on his 2 tour, currently in iraq, and he says with the amount of stuff you carry shown in BF2, no way are u jumping, let alone sprinting. He said that soldiers that do un-mounted walk arounds carry basic gear and a light water-pack. Only the ones that drive around (which is most of the time in iraq) carry heavier gear. Even with basic gear he says his knees are shot to hell and are those of an old man, and trying to jump constantly would for sure mean good bye to his ACL/MCL's.

My 'reservations' of certain aspects aside, I agree! Iirc the units in WW2 were also not as well trained as modern day troops. Most were just rushed into combat. They learned enough to survive and how to shoot their standard issue rifle. Little else.

Also, people do not just jump around during combat. Your feet leaving the floor leaves you in a position to do very little.

Remember none of them jumped up omaha beach.

Jumping is ok if: * stamina loss and zero stamina means zero jumping * while jumping you cannot change vector of movement or facing or change your posture

Also I would prefer a progressive style change between postures: standing/kneeling/prone. Also changing postures should only work if you are slowed else you should take damage or better get wounded (that would effeect your stamina/aiming)


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3rd August 2006

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#35 13 years ago

I think the best would be to just take away all jumping! It would do more good than bad, it would look better, more realistic and it would be so much more "feeling" in it if the other players wasn't jumping all the time. Think of it, how often does soldiers jump? Okey, it isn't fun to be stopped by a fence but i rather see that you were able to crouch(sp?) under it because soldier wouldn't have jumped over it anyway in RL but climed it. Sadly the feature to climb seems to be very hard to implend. Think of how much cooler and better every single minute of playing FH2 would become if thay took away jumping.


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25th March 2006

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#36 13 years ago
'[BFEprojecTile;3277327']I think a 5 second delay between your jumps should take care of the bunnyhoppers and the dolphin divers.

I´m agree with this and the relationship that jumping could have with the stamina bar. This should be enough to erradicate bunnyhopers and dolphins divers :cool:. Also people should only jump very little.