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The LCS[L] or Landing Craft Support Large would be a great addition to pacific maps. The ship was used for many uses but mainly as a small escort and a support craft used before amphibious landings. It could lay smoke, defend against aircraft or be fitted with rocket racks to pummel the Island to be invaded. Their bow gun was either a 3"50, a single 40mm or a twin 40mm. Number two and Number three guns were twin 40mm and they also mounted four 20mm cannons and four 50 caliber machine guns. Between the forward twin 40mm and the bow gun were ten Mark 7 rocket launchers. These would be great for maps like Tarrawa and Iwo Jima so come on give us the Mighty Midgets. 1005006401.jpg 1005008601.jpg


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Eh, no reason to add it. But good job researching, rare for a first time poster!