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19th May 2004

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#71 15 years ago

FrederfI don't want tanks nerfed per se. I want them stronger but just less of them.

Less, stronger tanks. Handheld AT weapons should get toned down a bit, the tank turret spin rates should be halved, there should be bigger HE round explosions, better hull and top MGs, but less tanks overall.

One of the tank's biggest weakness in FH is that there are so many! Think about playing on a map with less tanks, there's gunna be less panzerfaust players, which means tanks get stronger!

It seems as if our points keep getting overlooked. If it means anything, I agree with you completely.


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2nd March 2004

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#72 15 years ago

Well, I'm incredulous that anyone can earn the right to be an asshole.

And of course anyone with dellusions of having these kinda features in Bf1942 is dreaming.