limitations to spawn on SL in fh2? -1 reply

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#41 14 years ago
caenoIf you could only spawn in main base would make the game really slow, and imo, maybe a bit too slow. Imo, bf series aren't fit for that kind of gameplay. I'd still like to point out that i don't want to remove spawning on squadleaders. Imo, it's a great feature, but it needs some tweaking to be even better. Actually, the only things i'd like to change about it is that you couldn't spawn behind enemy lines and remove the joining/parting a squad to swap squadleader inside the squad. imo, deathbob really underestimates public players and their tactics, i really believe this feature will be abused so much if it's allowed to spawn behind enemy lines. It is a great feature that you can spawn on squadleaders, but when it's possible to spawn anywhere you want, it makes the game too alive - it changes a steadily flowing game into a hurricane that never stops. One thing i like about bf42 compared to bf2, is that in BF42 you actually had these "calm before the storm" moments. In bf2, once the round starts, the action never stops and you can't even catch you breath. Spawning on squadleader just feeds this storm even more and stirs up the battlefield. If you can't see how it is in BF2 now, then there's something wrong with your eyes or you play in weird servers. BF2 is a statswhoring, flag capping, never stopping killing machines game. I hope FH2 won't be. Imo, a good gameplay has action, but it also has silent moments where you need to gather up and reorganize. With spawning on squadleaders anywhere on the map, this isn't possible.

Again, IIRC- Mcgibs is going to put some type of timer on the rejoin so that if you leave, you cant get back in for a minute or two. Either that, or a new leader isnt assigned until he dies...