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pvt. Allen

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19th July 2005

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#111 14 years ago
Kradovech;3589805Oh but there is! In BF2 (and in POE and PR for that matter) its quite clear if you have killed someone, IF you have visual contact. In fact its too obvious as anyone who has seen the ragdoll effects would say. If thats also the case with FH2, I don't know, but I bet you do, given the privileges you have ;). The screaming part could easily be implemented and being informed by teammembers - thats what VoIP is for :)

Yes, the Bf2 RagDoll implementation makes it sometimes very obvious that someone got killed.:p hoever in game people do not interact with other items around them nor do make realsitic sounds of falling down. As for VoIP, it's hearable only for certain squad, and especially no the enemy who normally would hear soldiers' communication. To be honest though, I brought up that realism argument only to back up my opinion, as in FH2 it is indeed very obvious that you killed somebody, if you actually did it. What I realy care for is as you said, the "social" aspect of the kill messages.:)

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30th May 2006

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#112 14 years ago
Dago Red;3589889This would be terrible for running servers effectively...one more tool lost to the admins. This is a game, not reality...keep it fun, and dont give idiots more ways to cause trouble.

Like with the PR mod, teamkills are still visible. I regularly visit the PR forum and the lack of kill messages isn't mentioned or complained about at all.:cool:



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28th August 2006

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#113 14 years ago
pvt. Allen;3589675There's also a realistic side to kill messages. In reality some soldiers who got killed would scream, some would drop on the ground in a realsitic way making realsitic noise, sometimes tehir comrades would attempt helping them or would inform each other about freinds' missfortune. There is nothing like this in Battlefield 2, hence removing the kill messages won't make it more realistic either.[/quote] and the reason we can't have these sounds cranked as part of the dieing process is because... [quote=Dago Red;3589889]This would be terrible for running servers effectively...one more tool lost to the admins. This is a game, not reality...keep it fun, and dont give idiots more ways to cause trouble.

All you'd need to know is who's tking who, which would have been part of my plan. As far as base raping... possibly a server side option would be the best way for this idea to work then?


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5th December 2004

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#114 14 years ago

about admining Punkbuster will take care of kicking minus scores, tks will still be displayed, properly working abc code will take care of baseraping (poe2 has this and it works great) A properly setup sytem shouldnt need admins for the old gaming problems we use to have to deal with, if the tools that are available are used , admins should only have to deal with player fights and language rule offences or observing smack behaviour like blowing stuff up in your own main. None of that is effected by removing kill messages..


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29th April 2006

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#115 14 years ago

just someone [killed] someone except when the thing is some obvious one, definitely snipers could survive for a bit longer

i agree of that weapon type would be displayed

such as if you kill with a tank shell explosion or a grenade, you get tanker [explosive] deadpeople

or when you get killed by a firearms or anything MG there is rifleman[firearms]someone

when you get killed by a bomb, you get pilot[bomb]someone

for knife , you get knifeman[closecombatweapon]poorguy

This is very realistic since it's obvious that someone is blown up or have his head chop of by a chinese "da dao" you know at least something(since when you see the victim's body), and you won't know how to revenge

i think my ideas are always brilliant


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1st October 2003

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#116 14 years ago

I agree with your brilliant ideas.