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24th July 2006

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#11 13 years ago
Mhirokabsolutly not! I mean, you can spawn as infantry... "oh a plane, let's fly".... "damn flying is difficult, let's jump with my parashute just above that tank"... "Nice tank! let's repair it with my tank-kit". For me this is pure arcade-style gameplay that we get in bf42/bf2[/quote] I'd agree. Keep it to the kit you start with, but FuzzyBunny still has the right idea, open shoot as you eject.
stylieI would rather see pilot be a class then. Otherwise peple will be waiting around for a kit to spawn and THEN getting a plane.
Easily solved by adding extra pilot kits. I see no problem with gameplay in doing this since they're useless by themselves. [quote=Frederf]...You're usually landing 5 guys within visual contact of an enemy who are 90% in tanks.

Thats when tactics and good pilots come in, but anyway (and your going to hate me for this one) thats what happened in ww2, mass killings in airborne landings:( Not that that's my reason for why it should be like that

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