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31st October 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I would like to see some map edits for pretty much every map! wake island looks great, it made the map alot better and more fun! i would really reallly want more maps like that, but for different maps! i think it will make a great addition for FH. and...can u guys put dates on the name on the dice map names? like Omaha Beach-1944 or something? For example, like for market garden...make more use of the map (there is so much un used space) and make the city bigger and maybe put some fields where the the paratroopers were dropped, then maybe put a forest they have to run through to get to the city, like to the west of the city, cuz its all empty here are some picsjohannahoeve5.jpg dreyenseweg24.jpg dreyenseweg9.jpgdreyenseweg10.jpg or for stalingrad, maybe make it more of a train station, cuz the dice map is like based on the railroads of stalingrad and one more thing, PUT IN THE MERCILESS CREATION SKINS FOR BUILDINGS!!! they are amazing, it makes everysingle building skin different so that way you dont have to make so many new buildings for maps and just use the skins. in berlin, theres brick buildings, hardwood floors in the buildings, and even nazi flags hanging off buildings...everything they did are just new skins they edited off the original dice map, it looks like everything is redone, but its sure merciless creations will let ya use them, if not, make your own! It makes maps alot better

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30th November 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Well, there were "certain things" with Merciless, so i guess you wont see em cooperate anymore.



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14th November 2004

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#3 16 years ago

Plus the nazi flags would have to be removed cus of the whole illegalness of it but its a great idea especially market garden at the moment its just randomly laid out it definitely needs work