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#21 16 years ago
evil.ruskOne of the many things I shall never understand about the Americans is how they struggled to even understand the English language (I suppose they spell that "langage" in their quaint fashion). And as for Pearl Harbour, surely that would be "Purl Harbor". They cant even understand their own language.

Lol, I agree there. Converting gaol to jail and turning "s" to "z" (e.g. specialised to specialized). Convieniently Microsoft has every possible country's version of english in their programs, so I never fail to ensure it's in either UK or Australian english (a.k.a. "Proper English") :P

I don't know how or why there would or should be such variations between English speaking countries, just trying to n00b it all up or pwn the language to the ground :uhm:

Anyway, back to the subject:

I've never mucked around with FH's (or BF's) RFA files, so I haven't seen or heard of a Pearl Harbour starting screen before. Perhaps the map will appear in a future version then :)