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10th October 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Could we see a few more air assault scenarios, two in point is the 101st participation in operation "market garden" you could have them parachute in and have them try to hold and capture the bridge along with some other points. Also, I would like to see the a map when the british first landed with their headquaters in market garden, recreate the mansion base like in "A bridge too far" and let the germans try to invade. One last suggestion for the airdrop missions is to instead of having a plane spawn of the beginning of game with someone flying, instead have one or two or three spawn points placed high in the air with maybe a static plane, or some spawns inside gliders already on the ground, or respawning gliders that you land.

The reason is simple, sometimes you don't find people who want to fly a plane around the whole game while everyone else goes out, not to mention if they don't know how to fly and once they spawn in the drivers seat the bail out, leaving everyone else not know that the plane is about to crash.

To combat spawn camping with a static spawn in the air, don't provide AA guns to the germans, as they won't have any planes to shoot down anyways.