Maybe intro the near future you will include Romania too!!! -1 reply

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2nd May 2005

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#61 12 years ago

C'mon kids, play nice.

Regardless of the order, having France, Poland, Holland, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Canada, China, India and all the other important-but-not-as-prominent-as-the-primary-players (Germany, UK, USSR, US, Japan, Italy) would be really cool. And don't be a pissant Fuzzy Bunny if I missed your pet country, you know what I mean.

I enormously applaud the people working on FH who put in Australia, Italy, France, Finland and Canada. It's very very cool to have slightly more exotic maps with smaller WWII participants, especially when it involves different weaponry. I strongly hope that really cool stuff like what Finnwars, Hungarian Hope, Forgotten Honor Tournament Oceania (check out their AWESOME Ki-27 models, <3 <3 <3), that cool Japanese minimod (what was it called again?) and other minimods did somehow finds its way into FH2's main distribution.

It's stupid to fight about which country was more important or should go in first; there's plenty of work being done and people working on FH2 doubtlessly know very well of the significance of smaller countries. I would add my heavy encouragement to them and hugs and kisses to put these in.


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13th December 2004

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#62 12 years ago

"You said people started saying unknowledgeable junk which you can substitute for something less offensive also you can quit acting like a prick with the whole since you have trouble reading routine because it's totally irrelevant and you're putting words in my mouth and twisting what I said, especially with the whole me saying you didn't want Romania. I just wanted to say that it wasn't the best word to use and I'm now mad at how you twist things in the manner stated above." Ah, sorry about that. I was afraid you were under the impression I was accusing Romania of unimportance, which I was not. But I don't find "unknowledgeable junk" to be offensive, especially when it fits the bill concerning posts made about Poland and France. "I think you are accusing me here,for posting junk and think you've corrected my errors or junkpost,only error you've corrected was that french volunteered for waffenss were not limited to POWs,and invasion of France ended in 6 weeks instead of 10(infact both corrections dont help France in this case) .I have to repeat myself again i dont care which armies are in FH2 as long as all major powers are included.If other countries are going to be included, Romania should be there instead of Poland and France Belgium Netherlands Bulgaria imo. If for example a dutch decides to mod FH2, and adds dutch army to FH2, sure i'll be happy." I'm accusing no one in particular (in all truthfulness, I don't remember who posted what), and it's good if some of the corrections I've made "don't help France"; I'm not seeking to "help France," I'm seeking to rectify historical errors taken for truth by certain forum posts here. I'll list again a few of the errors I've seen in sum: 1. Battle of France lasted 10 weeks (not true; it lasted shorter) 2. Foreign Legion were the only unit to continue fighting after the fall of France (untrue; later corrected by original poster of this that he meant "colonial troops" which, I didn't point out, would technically still have been incorrect in French military jargon.) 3. The French 2nd Armored liberated Paris because it was a non-colonial unit and that the other French units were made to stand-by despite being closer (there were no other French units, other than commandos and SAS, in Northern France). American units were made to stand-by, but they were not mentioned in this topic. 4. The general accusation that France and Poland did not fight for the rest of the war after the fall of their respective nations, noting that an exception to this comment was made that the French fought again after the liberation of France. (This is untrue, and I pointed out the instances in which they did continued to fight before the liberation of France as well as touched upon where the Polish fought after the fall of their country.)