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#81 12 years ago

The lafette was the standerd heavy MG mount for the german army since 1934. They saw action on all theaters, and were used with the MG34 and MG42, with 2 being issued to each platoon of infantry (or 3-4 for fallschirmjaeger/panzergrenaidier) in the heavy weapons squad to provide heavy supressive fire support. Thus is why the MG34 and MG42 were GPMGs. They could be used in both the LMG role of being the squads main firepower and manuvere element, and they could be used in the HMG role of suppressive offensive and long term defensive fire. This isn't like the FG42, or the Stg44. This saw action throughout the entire war, on all fronts, with all troops, and in all units.

And yes, the scope was standerd too, I have never seen a photo of it being used without the scope.

And just so the devs know, this is how it was normally deployed for prone fire:


Albeit, the front leg would be extended even further out to lower the gun. Note that the rear legs are not flipped out.