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16th January 2007

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#51 13 years ago

Okay, let me give you an excellent example of how you can use icons for better team play. I use the Add Buddy feature in the Team List screen in the game. This turns all the labels of my club members to a bright green, both while in game and in the mini-map. This allows me to know exactly there they are at any time, so I can join them quickly for a joint assult, etc. It saves time and energy so that we can focus on the FUN. Another reason is that the maps in FH are humongus--far larger than anything I've seen in other games. And unless you're playing in a full-house server, trying to find a teammate would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack without that mini-map. Sheesh, there's enough running, running, running--bang you're dead--in this game as it is, isn't there? Why make it a little more tedious by not even having any clue what your side is doing? Now, I realize at this point that I'm not going to convert anybody who hates that mini-map into suddenly loving it. Likewise, I feel very strongly that we should keep it, for the reasons I've listed.



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9th August 2003

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#52 13 years ago

Yeah... Of course it helps teamplay, but anyway...