Mobile MGs, LCVA and Jerry howitzers -1 reply

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3rd January 2007

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#31 11 years ago

Ok, here is all the technical stuff that will be needed for the machine guns being used first there are three catagories of mg's lmg- can be carried by one man fired from hip/bipod mmg-crew served weapon fired from fixed/ tripod hmg- mg of .50 cal or higher, same as mmg Us Lmg's M1928A2 BAR Light machine gun Caliber(a)-.30"-'06 caliber weight(b)- 19.4 lbs (8.82 Kg's) operation(c)- gas operated rate of fire(d)- 400 slow auto, 600 fast auto cooling system(e)- air (no quick change barrel) M41 Johnson (for Us rangers only) a- .30"-'60 b- 14 lb 5 oz (6.48 Kg) c-300-900 rpm (also ajustable) d- Magazine e-air British Lmg's MK1 Hotchkiss LMG (limited use w/ usa, greece, and UK) a-.303 b-27 lb (11.7 kg) c- 500 rpm d- strip or belt e-air Mk1 Bren Lmg a-.303 b- 22lb 5oz (10.15 Kg) c- 500 rpm d-magazine e- air w/ quick change barrel other Lmg's Mg 34 (german) a- 7.62 x 57 b- 26 lb 7oz (12.1Kg) c- 800-900 rpm d- belt e- air Degtyarev Dpm (russian) a- 7.62 x 54 rimmed b- 26 lb 13oz (12.2 kg) c- 520-580 rpm d- drum magazind e- air those are the LMG's to be in FH2


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2nd August 2006

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#32 11 years ago

I think the technology of mounting would work for all MG types. LMG, MMG and HMGs. Only difference might be the speed of movement of the troop carrying them and howthey carry them; at the hip (LMG), over the shoulder (MMG) and dragged or pushed (HMG).. There might be overlaps, but don't lose the point somebody :-P Main point is, they should ALL have a mode in which they are mounted... Including LMG. I would want to be able to setup a BAR, DPM or Bren on the ground and pivot around the bipod with optimum accuracy... That's WHY they got bipods, no And oh, please have the bipods flaxible like the MEC mg.. but maybe that goes without saying