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9th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hello, maybe someone would know why i have no sound for my sniper rifle in medal of honor allied assult "Spearhead".. ? My Axis sniper rifle makes no sound when I shoot or reload..I put a sound Mod in the game and it overwrote my default settings . (i also forgot to back files up} Now PLZ,Plz PlZ , WHERE DO I FIND A AXIS,SNIPER RIFLE, SOUND FILE, AND WHAT FOLDER SHOULD I DROP IT IN?????? The normal "Mainta" or is there a special german wepons sound folder?..I checked all folders in Mohaa and mhoaash,and could not find a sound file for the sniper rifle on the axis side...Iv'e tried every sound mod i could find on the net., but nothing that fixes my silenced sniper rifle..plz help , I also uninsalled and reinstalled the game twice and still no sound for that dammm sniper rifle for the Axis side...?????? Thank you for any and all info on this matter.. I love to here that crisp crack when i snipe someone..