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13th May 2004

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#51 12 years ago

Would be cool to see:

- Very fast sprinting for a relative short period that eats up your stamina - After stamina is gone you can easy jog with (a little) more than normal movement speed for a long period (maybe unlimited to don't make things to complicated)! - Weapon accuracy have to be linked to movement speed (sprint -> jog -> walk -> stand), position (standing -> crouching -> prone) and stamina (the less the harder to aim)

So, you don't have thousands of different sprinting keys but only one and this is really near to reality 'cause you can run like hell to get your ass out of the way and also jog for a very long period of time in RL even with full backpack!

btw, PRMM is far away from a realistic mod! It is in a very alpha state and also has many glitches!