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2nd October 2003

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#31 15 years ago

I was under the impression that the Thompson was heavy for a Sub-machinegun, so it should be quite easy to control with full auto... for a Sub-machinegun that is!

As I understand it the equasion goes like this: Heavy weapon that fires low-powered pistol bullets = less recoil effect/more controllability. Then the lighter MP40 would have faster crosshair recovery, but stronger recoil effect.

Anyway... a bit offtopic, but I'd like to see semi-auto options applied to all SMGs as well where appropriate, for those medium-range shots.

Oh... And if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you make the MP40/Thompson full auto sounds into a looping sound, like you did with the MG34, so that it would sound more steady?


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28th July 2004

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#32 15 years ago

the 45 round had more stopping power right? so a heavier gun makes up for this, to control it....even though the gun did have a lot of recoil


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16th November 2003

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#33 15 years ago

according to a book i own (infantry weapons of WW2) which had govement information on these guns....ive got these numbers

Thompson-800rpm(.45 cal) MP40-500rpm (9mm) Greasgun-450rpm(.45 cal or 9mm parabellum) Sten-550rpm (9mm) PPsh41-900rpm (7.62mm)


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6th October 2003

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#34 15 years ago

Basic gun physics dictate that a shorter barrel and a higher power cartridge would mean a faster rate of fire. Thompsons are faster then MP40s in this aspect, but the accuracy of the Thompson is suspect compared to the MP40. The .45ACP round could travel farther then the MP40's 9mm (heavier round = longer range) but they were wildly innacurate after 50 yards due to the short barrel of the Tommy. They were both good guns, but the MP40 in FH needs to have less recoil and more accuracy.

The PPsH used a complicated internal system to achieve its high rate of fire (part of the reason it was being phased out in favor of the much cheaper stamped-metal PPS-43 at the end of the war). The Greasegun had a heavier bolt then the Thompson, so the rate of fire was somewhat less. It was also delibrately designed to have a slower ROF because it was intented to force soldiers to conserve ammo.

Tommys spray lead at 13 rounds a second. Greaseguns only fire 7.

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15th March 2004

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#35 15 years ago
MazzYOu jsut proved the opposite of what you said. The MP40 is more controllable then the Thompson causes of its SLOWER ROF. Nice StG44 footage though.

Yeh, nice footage...Pet Shop Boys for the background music is an odd choice though!!!