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29th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Dont worry, no crap about an airborne drop into Normandy. Two things that truly need to be changed about this mod.

WE HAVE GOT TO TRASH THE LMAO DICE ( BOCAGE MAP! This is a realism mod, but in terms of this map, realism is seriously lacking. Look at XWW2's Operation Cobra map, that is how this map should be. But hell, make a custom map! Operation Cobra did not take place between on an island between the town of Bocage, France and a Army airbase. Make hedgerows, fixed bunkers, put b17s back in! Add some artillery more stationary mgs and AT guns. It should have tons of craters, seeing as how the largest single concentration of Close Air Support occured there. Add in some PPShs and other soviet weapons for the Germans, the OST batallions stationed there often used captured weapons. Just make it real!

We also need a Bastagone map! We all know that the 82nd A/B fought with great valor at St. Vith, but no one really wants to fight as the guys with tanks and a steady suppy line! Make one with bastagone in the of the map, and HEAVY fog to simulate the shitty weather. You can give the germans tanks, but make it so heavily wooded that they will be easy targets for bazooka gunners. Put in foxholes on the edges of the woods, and then a large expanse of snowy ground, then more woods where the germans will spawn. Give the germans tons of artillery, but not flack88s. (btw, the 88s they used that "converted more people to christanity than peter and paul combined" were not flack18s. the germans used 88 mm shells in howitzers as well). Give the americans arty too, but a severly limited supply of ammo. put some ammo boxes the area between the trees, to simulate the misdrops of supplies made by the c47s. Give the americans light tanks (m48s), and some shermans. Limit the germans to the panzer IVH and stug, they did know that a KT or tiger royal could not make it through the woods, to give it some balance.

hope that you take this into consideration. i would do it, but im a gamer, not a mapper. Good luck! :beer: