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#21 11 years ago

I'm not going to argue the point because I know its not worth it, There are advantages and disadvantages to every suggestion, This suggestion if done right would minimize the disadvantages, but as every other decision won't eliminate them.

Snipers are the most hated, Not on a Look he Killed 500 times level, but on a personal level , Nothing is more aggravating then being shot multiple times by someone who has an advantage over you. When up against a good sniper you are looking at a minimum of 5 deaths for every time you kill him. The inability to see, or even shoot them if you can see them is what makes them hated. They can watch you running around your base getting on arty etc and you don't know it till they are ready to let you know. Hell Sometimes I'm a real prick with a rifle too, I've sat there watching a guy fix his AA guns,once he finally sat down I took the shot. I've shot the same guy 4 times within a period of about 5 mins just because he kept trying to defend his flag. That Is what pisses people off We get to chose when to shoot, whereas most of the combat in this game you can see the guy shooting at you and it is more of a reflex to shoot back and hope you get him first.

Not only that but We will spot you to others before we even start shooting, just incase you get lucky and find a spot where we cant hit you. (If you have ever wondered how a tank spotted you in your perfect hiding spot, There is a good chance a sniper spotted you for him.)

That is why so many people Love knifing a sniper, or running them over, or wasting an arty strike on them. A good one gets under your skin, you feel violated, you had no chance to use your skill to kill him first)


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#22 11 years ago
Ts4EVER;4739371who hates scoped rifles? It's not like they're killing you in big numbers.

I love them when I have them. I hate them when others have them.