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17th April 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Hi Forgotten Hope mackers. FH for Battlefield 1942 is very good and nice. I have suggestions for the new Forgotten Hope.

- Havilland Mosqouto - Handley Page hallifax - XF-85 Goblin - B 29 "Super f.... - T95/T28 - Short Sunderland - Kawasaki Ki-45 "Toryo" - Arado Ar 17 - Messerschmitt 323 - Heinke HE 111Z - M3 Grant - Ft 17 - Railroad guns like the German "Dora":cool:

Belgian Counbtry's like Antwerp and Kortrijk.


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13th August 2004

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#2 11 years ago
Scharfschütze-Snoop;3939018Hi Forgotten Hope mackers. FH for Battlefield 1942 is very good and nice. I have suggestions for the new Forgotten Hope.
- Havilland Mosqouto
I seriously doubt that they will EVER put something that is important as the Mosquito. They'd rather put in things that were never used in combat, I'm sure.
- Handley Page hallifax
Another medium bomber, I'm sure Taranov knows about it.
- XF-85 Goblin
It's from Secret Weapons. Therefore, DO NOT suggest it.
- B 29 "Super f....
Do a little research. The runway length for this thing is about the size of the FH map. No way it's getting in.
- T95/T28
Two were made. Obviously, one of them MUST have seen action defending its factory in...Kansas...yeah... Don't ever suggest things from SWWWII again.
- Short Sunderland
See idea about the Halibag.
- Kawasaki Ki-45 "Toryo"
Unless there is a bomber-killing map in FH2 for the Pacific, this is not needed. Even then probably not.
- Arado Ar 17
Listen, I know this is hard for everyone to understand. But DON'T Post things that Taranov knows about Post things that we will not put in a theater until two years later.
- Messerschmitt 323
Too big for FH maps.
- Heinke HE 111Z
Used as a glider tug for the previous object. Again, is useless.
- M3 Grant
Find out what's in FH before you start posting suggestions...It's already ingame...
- Ft 17
Long long way into the future. Suggest when we get there.
- Railroad guns like the German "Dora":cool:
Read sticky. [quote=NoCoolOnesLeft]2. The Dora or similar rediculously oversized railway-bound WMD's. I really, really dont care if these things can fire shells the sizes of a house for miles. They take about half an hour or more to reload the damn thing, and secondly, BF2 map sizes are much, much smaller than the range required for this weapon.
Belgian Counbtry's like Antwerp and Kortrijk.

Belgian Counbtry's? If you mean countries then I don't think you understand what the FH devs are going for. They will put as many countries in as possible. STICKES ARE YOUR FRIENDS, so is the SEARCH button.


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#3 11 years ago

sticky is my bext friend :)

some vehicles are good!!

yah.. is true..

the DORA is impossible.. because it have a laaage reload time..

and if you miss a shot.. u are dead.. and the animatios.. how u can do it?? the guy using the dora?? his animation... sorry but that idea sucks

i know.. on a sticky says please dont post "add my nation" because needs voices, vehicles, maps, uniforms, weapons..

so i like the B29 super fortress. and the mosquito (because argentinians used mosquitos :P)



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17th July 2003

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#4 11 years ago

I agree the Mosquito should be in. Both the FB and NF versions.

The Handley Page Halifax was a Heavy bomber that fought alongside the Lancaster to the end of the war.

Sunderland only useful on early maps, after that it became a glider tug and IIRC paratrooper jump aircraft.

XF-85 Goblin, B-29, and T-95? No...just no. Been playing too much Secret Weapons me thinks.

I would love to see a Ki-45 Toryu in FH2. It was used as a ground attack and santi-shiping aircraft which would serve it well in FH2.

The Me-323 was originally designed and put in FH but never used because it had some bugs and wouldnt work.

I have no idea what a Arado AR17 is. I looked online and found a picture mislabeled as a AR17 but was actually a AR234B jet bomber. It is in FH.

I agree that the He-111Z is pointless.

M3 Grant will be in FH2, screenshots already exist.

I would love to see the FT17 in game since it was built under license by several countries and saw combat in WW2.

No railway guns. They are big enough TO BE A LEVEL, not to be in one.

Belgian Counbtry's like Antwerp and Kortrijk.


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13th December 2004

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#5 11 years ago

Yeah, the FT-17 was used by many countries, not just France. Poland, for example, had a bunch they used, as did China (or at least one of the warlords I think). Romania had a few, but I think they were only used for training purposes. I'm sure there's a list of other countries that used them somewhere out there.

Another cool thing about the FT-17 is that it came in two varieties. One was the Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun version, which had just that MG (along with updated MGs as the years went by; this version would be like the Matilda I), and the other type fired primarily 37 mm HE shells. I'm not sure as to the availability of AP shells for the FT-17.

In terms of usage by France, the FT-17 saw action during WW2 in mainland France, North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), and Indochina (against the Japanese and Thai).


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22nd June 2005

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#6 11 years ago

Jesus Wjaslo, leave the kid alone.

I agree with Anlushac on most of his points.

FT17 it the best thing ever.



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27th May 2005

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#7 11 years ago

Yeah Wjaslo needs to CHILL.


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11th April 2005

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#8 11 years ago

Ouch. wjaslo2nd is my man, but that was a tad harsh. I thought it was very interesting that Scharfschutze-Snoop is from Ypres.

The town was an important commercial center before WWI and had some beautiful structures. It formed part of a small but vital salient that the British held. Three very big and extremely violent battles/offensives centered on Ypres, and it was open to German fire from three sides for four years. It's easy to see how it was virtually turned to dust over the four years of the war.

Scharfschutze-Snoop (oh Lord I hope that's not a sly way to work in an "SS" name), please tell us about Ypres today. Was it able to regain its pre-war commercial status? Did the war completely destroy the cloth trade, etc.?


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14th December 2005

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#9 11 years ago
wjlasloThe2nd;3939046Used as a glider tug for the previous object. Again, is useless.[/QUOTE] Actually, the Messerschmitt 323 wasnt a glider airplane.. The 321 on the other hand was. Not that it really matters for FH2, though. As, like you said, these planes are simply too large for FH2.
Scharfschütze-SnoopArado Ar 17
I have never heard of this plane and so far it doesnt seem to exist either. Maybe you meant something else? :uhm: [QUOTE=]Ft 17

Could be interesting for Anti Partisan maps or for something similar to that.


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17th August 2006

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#10 11 years ago

mmm was the town Yper (or Ieper) not occupide by the Belgians during WW1. If i recall history lessons correctly, the Belgians had to retreat behind the river Ijzer (don't know englisch version of the name) and they hold that peace of land for the rest of the war, thanks to flooding the whole region. ps i am from Belgium to. as for the suggestions in this thread, i would just wait with vehicle suggestions after the first release.