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1st September 2006

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#1 13 years ago

I searched for these, and didnt find much related to them, but if they are around and I just missed them, ignore. Or flame me, I dont care (nomex rocks).

  1. The option for server admins to disable spawning at a control point, when it is in the process of being capped. Some kind of server variable perhaps. I know it CAN be done because other mods have implemented some similar things. PRMM comes to mind, when it disables spawning to a squad leader when his health drops below 50%ish.
  2. Kit limitation option. Again a configurable server variable. Allow the admins to set what number of kits are allowed in a map. I know that it is said that this will be a function as listed on the "Forgotten Hope 2 Info Thread", I just wanted to reiterate on the point a bit.
  3. Some kind of delay when entering and exiting vehicles. From a realism point of view it takes even modern day military vehicles a bit of time to get going. The crew has to climb in it, and get to their position, and get their station checked and sorted, and then go. But even in an emergency, it STILL takes time to get in, and get the engine started and "warmed." And lets face it, in the 1940's the Internal combustion engine (ICE) was definately NOT at its best point of development, and some tanks were notoriously hard to get started. The point I'm getting at, is currently you can just pop in a tank, and actually be on your way BEFORE the game even draws the new view around you. You can also warp instantly OUT of a tank. And I think everyone here has known the frustration of getting in a wicked fight with another tank, just to have the driver bail out and get away and deprive you of your kill, because he can instantly get out of the tank. Now I'm not saying it should take 2 minutes to start a tank, or anything of the like. but say 5 seconds to start it and go, and maybe 5ish to get out would be great.

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2nd May 2005

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#2 13 years ago

I'd prefer just having people spawn _around_ a control point, not _at_ a control point. The Tulagi North flag is a good example of this.

Kit limitations have been discussed (the options I recall were making all but the "basic" kit a pickup kit, and implementing class limits.) Some form of this would be cool.

And vehicle enter/exit delay or animation ftw.



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28th August 2006

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#3 13 years ago

I love how everyone keeps suggesting the same thing.