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19th July 2001

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#1 18 years ago

Ok, I have a Dell p3 550 system with 128 ram and a TnT2 Ultra. I want to be able to play new games (Max Payne, Planetside, etc..) at acceptable levels, so i think i need to upgrade.

Given my current system, would you guys take a geforce3, or a new mobo/cpu (tbird 1.3)?

Also, if i were to go with the new mobo and cpu, would it work well with my dell case and components?

Thanks in advance


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5th July 2001

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#2 18 years ago

What Ive heard about Dell is that their cases are proprietory. So, it looks like youll need an entire new setup which isnt all that bad. You probably would be able to use the gforce3 unless theres no room to put it and you have some kind of wierd onboard video. another thought.. do you have a real OS or do you have restore disks? Dont think restore disks will work with anything other than the dell stuff.. Ive never had a 'store bought' computer Ive made all of mine.

So, if this dell is serving you well, Id jump in another stick of 128ram and stay as you are. If not, new everything. You dont say how big your hard drive is. Id keep things like cdrom/floppy/hard drive cables stuff like that. Then go for a nice 1gig 1gig+ system with a geforce3 256megs of ram, and continue to go from there..


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22nd October 1999

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#3 18 years ago

All Dell systems use a proprietary case design so you can't install another mobo in there.

First off, your CPU is faster than your video card right now. You'd see a dramatic improvement upgrading to a Geforce2 or 3.

I would also find out if your mobo will take a faster CPU. I'm assuming it's a Slot1 CPU (they never made a 550 in Flip-Chips as far as I know). You can get a Pentium3 in Slot1 flavor up to an 850 and most BX mobos (and I'm sure it's a BX mobo) will take up to an 850.

The problem is the mobo might not have jumpers to allow that fast a CPU. Go to the website and look up the CPU jumper settings for your system (you'll need the service ID number that's on a sticker on the side of the case). See what the largest CPU multiplier setting is (you're using 5.5X right now). If it goes up to 8.5X then you can install a P3-850.

Upgrading to a 750 or 850 will be a very inexpensive upgrade (you're talking around $175 for a P3-850). A lot of bang for the buck.

If you want to go new mobo and CPU you'll also likely need new ram and a new case. If you're not up to doing it yourself, go to a local Mom & Pop computer shop and get a price salvaging everything you can from the old system and trading in the old case, mobo & CPU.

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6th July 2001

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#4 18 years ago

this is sort of off topic but man penguin you amaze me every day.... your not only kind helpful and knowledgeable on all thins you aren't a complete ass like tim was smile.gif just my 2.35 cents


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10th July 2001

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#5 18 years ago

Yeah, go with the Geforce 3 it will give less head aches in the long run and it doesnt use but 10% of your cpu anyway so you wont have to worry about your cpu bogging you down too much.