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30th May 2006

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#61 13 years ago

I'm all for realism and would prefer the screen clear of the minimap, icons etc as it now is in vanilla but also would like the option of checking the map say before a artillery/mortar strike. Also it does wonders for immersion but now I'm starting to waffle on. In FH1 I became good at identifying enemy helmets, uniforms, weapons sounds so rarely team killed because I checked who I was shooting at. For a realism mod I can't see the need for all this garbage on the screen.

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2nd May 2005

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#62 13 years ago

My 2 cents: I'm hoping for a limited minimap/radar. See friendlies near you (maybe within what would be realistic communication range), but not beyond, unless they're a unit with a radio (scout, tank, aircraft, whatever.)