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17th February 2006

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#141 15 years ago

yes, but my video card is messed up

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11th February 2006

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#142 15 years ago
Mp5-KillaYou may be correct about the battle fo the somme there Seth, according to an old history textbook of mine, Haig launched 27 divisions (750,000 men) against the German front line ( 16 divisions) with massive artillary barrage before the attack at 7:30 AM (1st July 1916). The artillary barrage failed to do anything, and the barbed wire was even more spread out and the German bunkers remained. The attack resulted in the worst day for the British army in its history. The British expeditinary force lost 20,000 men and another 40,000 were injured. About the differences in casulaties on D-Day. Statistics are extremely variable because some may count the casulaties on the actual beaches while some may count the entire day's worth of casualties.

as they said in blackadder goes fourth: all that gen. Haig wants is to move is his drinks cabinet 6 inches closer to berlin. LOL that is just the shit btw:rofl: