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28th September 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Iam a big fan of Rainbow six 3 black arrow iam apart of teamcompete iam the number one rank team Modern mayhem there about 3000 teams blah blah enuff about me... anyways I was thinking that there should be a new game play called team survival like in rainbow six 3. basically you get one life and only one life making you play the game a bit more serious as if it were real life. When you die u join a lobby where it like a chat room or sumthing or basically it be like bf1942 when u waiting to respawn u just sit there and watch a person play tell he dies or u can flip thru all the people who still alive. I know what your thinking you probly saying this well never work becasue of people who like to go off road in to the mt. and hill and plains etc.... well if you have any idea for this post plz iam not totally thinking about this so iam hoping you guys can help me if you like idea so far.....


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3rd July 2004

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#2 14 years ago

No. The whole concept behind the BF games is huge scale warfare, so unless you can get 400 people per sever the whole one life thing isn't going to work out. While we're at it mine as well add M4A1s so it can be even more like Rainbow Six.

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21st September 2004

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#3 14 years ago

that would have to be an entirely new game. no way a mod could do that


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17th February 2004

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#4 14 years ago

It would actually be pretty easy to mod if you jusr removed all the respawn points except for the first, that destroys itself after 60 seconds.

But I must go with the posters above. BF 1942 wasn´t made for 1 life combat. But on certain Maps it might be an interesting experiment and encourage team-play.

For example a small Normandie village or similar might be a good place for a 1 life fight. But as a general game-play mode, no...

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7th December 2003

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#5 14 years ago

I think this idea is good for commanostyle maps, which I would like to play.


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5th May 2004

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#6 14 years ago

Worst post 6.5 suggestion yet.


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16th August 2004

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#7 14 years ago
'[SpartansNurdy']Worst post 6.5 suggestion yet.

6.5 is probably never coming out. 0.65 is already out.

agree - bf42 is made for huge battles, but maybe - just maybe this could be something for some objective-maps. creating variations in gameplay makes people play the mod for longer, and attracts more people. it probably requires very little work, and for really small maps this might be the thing.

i must say that i support this if mappers find ways to use this properly. maybe one map where there is only one flag, 70 tickets each, slow drain. low amount of tickets make people already early on value their lives, and only attack with some coordination, that even being "all names starting with letter A-K go left, rest right" .

also - this might make people in also other game-types value their lives more, and accept being coward, if the alternative is an Arnold with a tag on his toe.

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13th June 2004

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#8 14 years ago

Variety is the spice of life. More maps of more variety = better mod. Some things might not always work, but you might be surprised what can work if done right.


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30th April 2004

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#9 14 years ago

this has got to be the single worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas. imagine stalingrad or pavlov! or even worse, Charlie!!!

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9th December 2003

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#10 14 years ago

the idea behind it is good, but (lke mentioned in an other reply) you would need a server with 400-600 man. Or else a whole campaign that took days or even week(s) would be over in 5 minutes... The instant spawns suck though, ofcourse it is nice to respawn in 5 seconds but i would glagly wait 30-40 seconds. I now sometimes rush into battle since if i die i will get an other try in 5 seconds. If i knew that i would have to wait for a long time i would play a little more careful and not throw my life away. Thoses inpatient (ex)DC noobs would probably go crazy if they had to wait more then 8 seconds..