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28th December 2004

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#21 16 years ago

if you blow up a sherman flame see a large flame explosion, mayb is that a good anamation to use only one a biger skale..


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25th April 2004

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#22 16 years ago
Arisakai doubt it. it doesn't in EoD, and look what the devs did with the flame thrower tanks.

But...wouldn't an napalm bomb be like...10 times bigger than the flamethrower tanks? confusedx.gif

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9th October 2003

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#23 16 years ago

IIRC I saw a program where there were corsairs giving close airsupport with napalm on Iwo Jima, and Okinawa


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24th March 2005

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#24 16 years ago

I'm not sure how often napalm was used, and if it were put into the game, Dresden wasn't much of a battle. Dresden and other places that were firebombed aren't proud moments in history, and yes they were, in some cases, inhumane.

Offtopic, but I read from somewhere burning to death isn't as painfull as it's violent because the human body secretes some "stuff" that get's you in some sort of high. Would someone confirm this?

Well, honestly if there was a high that could be secreted, this probably would have been taken advantage of long ago, maybe it does release the same high that drugs give, but IMO, burning to death is probably a painful experience.