Operation Chastise - Bombing of German Dams -1 reply

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12th April 2005

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#21 14 years ago
foodmaniac2003;3391136pvt. Allen made Carentan (one of best infy maps ever!). RBS made Tulagi and Lilliput (some of my fave Pacific maps!) I think badseed is out making his racing maps. You should really try out the first one :nodding:[/quote] Link? [quote=Killed in First Minute;3393480]Yea but there's the problem too. What happens when some noob or smacktard gets control of the glider and crashes his entire team into the trees. Not only wiping everyone out, but costing them a valuable spawn point. (Worse yet, what if I screw up and crash the glider myself?! Then have to live with the stream of choleric spam from my teammates. Who wants that kind of pressure?)

LOL Id trust ya man, you could pilot my glider anyday!!! No, it would be a tk fest, but either way it doesnt matter, beins' its out and all. I just thought it would be awesome.

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1st October 2005

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#22 14 years ago

.. Spawning gliders could be a Commander's ability and within a radius of 5-10ft a Glider would appear from thin air and glide down into the area.

As Glider's are, within the radius it could land anywhere thus it's risky if theres alot of rocks, fences, buildings, ectera.

Simplest way. Can't trust players with actual ones period, unless it's organized.

EA gave players enough trouble - spawning on SL's.


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12th October 2003

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#23 14 years ago

FuzzyBunny;3384993What's your goddamm problem?

You suggested a scenario that's been suggested a bunch of times before. Look: you have a bunch of guys coming in on a mission that was SECRET. Stealth, i.e. the defenders do not or rather aren't supposed to know you're coming. You dump a big bomb and it's over. Fun! Now tell me how this is any different from, say, a Hiroshima map? Or would you have a constant stream of bombers having to drop one Upkeep bomb after another to nail the dams, while fighters swarm overhead and flak goes nuts around them?

Sure, it'd be fun to have dams and toys like bouncing bombs, but this is hardly a historically accurate scenario, wouldn't you agree?

So, I asked, pretty civilly, I think, why not just have a generic night bomber map -- if you'd bother to look up Wilde Sau and Zahme Sau before you tear me a new asshole, you'd see that these were tactics that were actually used, in aerial battles that actually happened in a manner close to the way an FH2 bombing map would play out. So lay off, will you? And go ahead, bust out the neg rep if you have nothing better to say than what amounts "stfu if you don't like my idea."

Fuzzybunny first off I never even inidicated that I wanted you to "stfu" all I asked from you was to reply to my suggestion with a bit more feedback insteading of making such a short haughty reply. You know after putting some effort into trying to put forward and idea for the modding community I got a little upset after seeing your reply, sorry that I offended you, but you should also take into account that making little witty replies that appear to be intended for humour or whatever isnt a great way of showing respect

I still stand by my suggestion, regardless of what people say, this map wouldnt be another drop the bomb and win type objective, and I realise the bf2 engine can't support a bomb that can drop, do a back spin, skip on water and sink to the bottom of a concrete wall detonating causing a portion of the wall to collapse, but surely they could just have a the bomb drop and come at the dam like a torpedo. I also proposed having more then one dam, 7 in fact (there are that many statics to be bombed in BOB) so like I said it would require planning and stragety for the allies to pull it off, and the planes would only be able to spawn twice, I know it could end up disastrous in some pub games, but I imagine it could get quite interesting in clan matches

also I noticed my rep took quite a shelling, not sure if you or any of your friends did that but whatever I dont care, just to let you know I didn't add any neg rep to you and I never would give anyone bad rep for just voicing his/hers opinion, once again sorry for rashly coming at you so harshly for your initial reply, I didn't intend to seem like such an ass, it's just how you interpreted it

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1st May 2005

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#24 14 years ago

OK fine -- first off, I do not neg rep people, nor do I put together "rep conspiracies".

Let's not worry about it. My point was just that a historically accurate map that relies on (a) a one-shot objective and (b) surprise wouldn't make for great gameplay. The reply wasn't meant as a snide off-the-cuff "your suggestion sucks" remark, and I just got the impression that it was brushed off as such. Whatever, no worries.

So, let's think about practical aspects for a moment. If you're willing to accept that an FH2 gameplay-compatible Chastise map wouldn't be accurate, but rather built for "fun", it'd be more feasible. However, you should consider a few things, first among them the fact that the approaches to the Ruhr dams were guarded by substantial amounts of AA. To dump a bouncing bomb means that you'd have to approach from one fixed direction with a Lancaster going low & slow.

Now I dunno about you, but the only time I live in these things in BtR is when I (a) manage to sneak one up (hah!) and (b) come in from a surprise direction. The moment a 110 catches me with a less-than-awesome gunner, or a Flakvierling sees me, it's time to bust out the spatula & dust pan, because that's all that's usually left (plus one "me" foaming impotently at the mouth.) The Chastise flights avoided "known" flak formations, but the dams themselves were guarded. Plus, it'd be kinda silly to have AA positions out in the middle of nowhere just to give some Germans something to do, when you know there won't be bombers anywhere near them.

Next, let's figure out how to get 64 players (I believe BF2 has room for more, but let's use this number for argument's sake) on such a map. On the German side, assuming we ditch accuracy, you can have plenty of gunners, pilots, radar operators, hapless Ruhr valley dam maintenance personnel, but on Allies -- 4 per Lancaster means you can have 8 bombers, but allow for the inevitable "d00d no way I will be gunner" crowd you'll need, say, 16 big planes (Chastise used 3 groups of 3 each.) That's an awful load of big, unmaneuverable planes in a limited space.

I guess you could have airborne spawns, but how to keep the Germans from pre-emptively jumping them? ABC lines could work, but given how much space the bombers would need to circle before someone mans them (turn radius of, I dunno, a 600-car freight train) you'd have half the map blocked off with ABC. Next, the bombs: each of the dams that was breached (the Sorpe dam stayed intact) was pretty much destroyed by one, max. 2 bombs (assuming they hit.) A one-shot objective map, I dunno, it doesn't seem that much fun (viz. my Hiroshima example -- WHOOPS IT'S OVER!) so you'd have to allow for several bomb hits, which could get a bit repetitive.

Anyway, I'm not trying to troll for objections here, just that I really can't think of a way to make this sort of thing work well. Don't get me wrong, variety in map types is a Good Thing (tm) and if you can make it work, power to you.