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You might very well think that

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21st February 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Yeah, I said bunker-buster as this fool's first language is obviously not English, so I was using his terminology of an inf support tank is 'bunker buster'.

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21st April 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Again, to go along with Meadow, the term "bunker buster" does not always refer to blowing up huge bunkers with thick a** concrete. It is just a term used to refer to a weapon that supports infantry by taking out static positions, be it a mg nest, a house with enemy in it, whatever. And you said the Nashorn to be used in this role??? The 88mm L/71 of the Nashorn was the same gun as that fitted to the Tiger II and Jagdpanther, hardly a weapon intended for the purpose of destroying enemy positions. It was a stop-gap weapon used in place of real tanks to combat enemy tanks. The Brumbar you are right on though, it was intended to take out static positions and provide close arty support. But saying that there were only 298 produced, and that they lacked a movable turret for prompt response to threats to infantry, I'd still say the Panzer IV was better suited. A 150mm howitzer was a little overkill in my opinion for most targets, and a 75mm HE would usually do the job just fine.Kevin

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28th April 2003

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#3 14 years ago
Stefan FPz3 produced till 43-44 mainly as anti bunker personel tank with a big short barrel , also in africa you will ,only see this version . it was used as anti tank version also but only in the very early beginning since the Ps4 wasnt out yet , and the Pz was allready there before the war . Pz4 was allready in africa with the long barrel , and the long barrel is used for high velocity ammunition , to destroy anto tank . both were obsolete in 44 when the panther came out . You will almost always see those 2 versions of the tank , only time for example that the Pz3 was used as anti tank panzer was invasion of france and first few months of invasion of Sovjetunion. And yes i played a bit FH the past week , saw the pz 4 :) . Allthough FH feels realistic , i think the panzers go way too slow . 40 kmh was possible with pz4

wow thats a whole lotta wrong