PLEASE Make the Radio Voice Commands more realistic! -1 reply

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4th July 2006

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#51 10 years ago

I like the concept. Some would need adjustments (Tank: "Enemy North?" You mean "In Front?" And no "Enemy Behind?") while some may make it a tad complicated (the infantry one is filled to the brim).

Still, only one mouse move instead of 2+.

However as I said, I think the FH community can live with either.


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2nd August 2006

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#52 10 years ago

Actually, I'm regretting having forced Lobo to post them up - A confession here: I have a miserable little life and when things get real bad, I tend to put all that stress on the community - Constructively, maybe - But notwithstanding, stress. The labels are all Lobo (The headings for each pic) and I think I might have killed whatever considerations might have been given to them by insisting on posting them up so there, there they are... More or less, not everything, some could definitely do with adjustments, but the general idea is up... I won't make any mention of these again either Sorry devs, you don't need this kind of pressure


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#53 10 years ago

Nein dude

Those are awesome.. we'll see we can do.