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12th May 2000

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#1 18 years ago

Ok people, heres what I am offering-

Athlon 650 w/MSI motherboard(AMD 751 Chipset)


P3 550e w/Abit(BE6-R2 or BF6)

Why you ask? Actually, most of you are probably laughing at me, but I'm serious- this thing is a bit too high maintence for me... I gave it some Mushkin PC133 memory tonite (8ns, unbuffered) and windows was nice enough to crash explorer the first time I started it up. My Generic actually works better! This chip has never been overclocked, the motherboard has the latest bios flash and I have all the cables that came with it.

Please, if you are interested or have something you would consider a fair trade, contact me immediately. Sorry, no Celerons (unless its a Celeron II).

My email is You can contact me on ICQ - 10129349

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