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19th March 2008

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#21 12 years ago
Ts4EVER;4814802btw whatever happened to the gold rush mode from 2.0?

Played it once, good fun. When I still was a rookie on these forums I opened a thread about this, I believe the conclusion was that it caused crashes etc. and thats why nobody plays it.

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#22 12 years ago

yes the goldrush mode had its moments but it had bad influence on all maps that were played afterwards, i think it made them unplayable or broke some python code, something like that.



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6th October 2008

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#23 12 years ago
Ts4EVER;4814622"Shoot down a plane with a tank" .


"Shoot down a Plane with a rifle" -Done

"Kill a plane with a tellermine" -Done but not by me...